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INGESTIBLE BEAUTY: Nourish Your Skin From Within

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It took me a while to accept that beauty comes from within. Makeup is an instant perk, and even good skincare only lasts a season and turns on you the moment you step out of your comfort-zone. For instance, every time I visit my hot and dry hometown, I must switch to a whole new set of products (I reside in humid Mumbai otherwise!).

But it’s what we consume and ingest that truly makes us beautiful. Yes, I’m talking about nutrition that keeps us healthy and stunning round-the-year! No matter the season, habits or even our holiday indulgences, some nutrients prove to combat all kinds of skin woes.

So, here’s a list of supplements that will initially transform your skin, rewind the aging clock and then keep at it to help you glow all the time.

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The Good Vitamins

Vitamin C – Starting with the queen of all skincare vitamins, C will be your saviour for life. Vitamin C helps hold collagen in place and shape. It strengthens your skin’s ability to heal itself. It diminishes dark spots, wrinkles, dark circles— basically all signs of aging. It protects you from free radicals, fights pollutants and (saved the best for the last)— actually lowers the chance of skin cancer.

Vitamin A – The queen’s favorite knight, vitamin A will combat your skin’s worst foe— the sun. Vitamin A protects your skin against sunburns and it has antioxidant properties making it a great healer for your epidermis. You can say goodbye to breakouts and marks if you continue taking vitamins C and A together.

Vitamin E – Another protector from the sun’s vicious attacks, vitamin E is also known to be a great hydrator. Vitamin E is a core ingredient of the natural sebum your skin produces, and for everyone with dry, itchy skin (caused by lack of sebum) this nutrient is bottled goodness. Need more reason to add this to your diet? Vitamin E can make your scalp healthier and your strands stronger.

Nykaa Recommends: Himalayan Organics Plant Based Multivitamin with 60+ Extracts, GNC Women's One Daily Multivitamin Tablets, Wellbeing Nutrition Daily Greens Multivitamin

The Essential Fats

Omega 3 – If anyone convinces you to stop ALL fats to reduce your waistline, STOP. Good fats or fatty acids like omega-3 is where your skin’s ‘glow’ comes from. These poly-unsaturated fats aid in maintaining your natural oil balance, keeping your skin plump and young. You need omega-3 as your body doesn’t make it on its own and you have to consume it. P.S. for all acne-prone sisters, if you believe that these will make your skin breakout, know that omega-3 actually diminishes the inflammation caused by acne and is very good for you.

Nykaa recommends: WOW Life Science Omega 3 Capsules, TrueBasics Omega-3 Fish Oil Triple Strength Softgels, Chicnutrix Mighty Omega - 1250 MG Omega 3 Fatty Acids for Skin, Hair & More

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The Good-Lookin’ Minerals

Zinc – A doctor mineral for your skin, it is a master-nutrient when it comes to healing. It actually helps in creating and dividing skin cells. It’s also great for treating sunburns, UV damage and other environmental issues.

Copper – Deemed an essential mineral for your body, copper has a stunning benefit that caters directly to your skin too. It’s used as an active ingredient in many products as the mineral is a quick-absorbing, collagen stimulating and protein stabilizing agent that overall makes your skin stay young and healthy.

Selenium – This is another mineral that protects your skin from UV damage. It actually safeguards each of your skin cells with a protective coating. A brother in arms of Vitamin E, this mineral is a wonder nutrient when it comes to anti-aging and hydration too.

Nykaa recommends: OZiva Bettr.Zinc+, Plant-Based Zinc capsule with Magnesium & Ginger, for Immunity & Acne Control, INLIFE Chelated Iron Folic Acid Supplement with Vitamin C, E, B12, Zinc & Selenium, Healthvit Selenium 40 mcg and Vitamin E 10 mg

The Crucial World Of Proteins

Collagen – It’s 75% of our skin! It’s what makes skin firm and stretchy at the same time. This is what seals off any wounds or cuts. So, if your body needs a little help creating this miracle protein, why not aid with a few supplements that promote higher collagen?

Elastin – This is the fibre protein that allows us to have expressions. Yes, when we smile or frown, the ability to stretch into various expressions and come back to our normal faces is because of elastin. Although over-time, due to age and sun damage, elastin tends to lose power, making skin saggy and wrinkled. Thus, we need extra supplements to activate elastin more powerfully.

Amino Acids – These are what keep your skin’s pH balance in check. It forms a protective acidic barrier for your skin, so regular functions of your skin like production of new cells and healing continues without any obstacles.

Nykaa recommends: JustHer Protein With Herbs For Women - Cafe Mocha, OZiva Superfood Plant Protein with Herbs & Multivitamins for Immunity & Energy, Melon, Kayos Multi Collagen Protein Powder (type I, Ii, Iii & X) With Vitamin C & Glucosamine

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The Microbiome Universe

Microbes – Some bacteria, viruses and even fungi are great for your skin. Certain bacteria can promote skin health by keeping infections at bay, while some help reduce UV damage, eczema, breakouts, and even dry skin. A balance between great probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics can help your skin stay radiant, healthy, and young for longer. An imbalance caused due to change in lifestyle, health, skin products and even pH balance, on the other hand, can be very harmful.

Nykaa recommends: Carbamide Forte Neoflora Veg 30 Billion Probiotics Supplement, Kapiva Ayurveda Probiotics with Amla Gummies, HealthKart Pre & Probiotics Capsules - Unflavoured

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