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Instagram’s Rad To Ratchet Beauty Trends of 2018

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The runway may set the trends at the onset of every season, which happens to be predetermined and powered by renowned and avant garde (read: inaccessible) fashion designers. And it may question the status quo, but it is Instagram that fires up these fads – making its ‘explore’ page every stalker’s paradise. Which also instigated influencers to roll out #InstaBaits of their own. Remember Kylie Jenner’s lip plumping challenge that blew up on all our feeds? Or the KiraKira filter that’s still blazing our filters. Thank god for them, right? Although that did make way for the infamous fidget-spinner contouring, boiled egg beauty blender or 100-layered makeup challenges. SMH.

Read on to know about the best and worst Instagram makeup and beauty trends: #StayWoke on all the viral fads that spammed our posts. For better or for worse.

  1. The Trend: #BlowTheBottleChallenge

    The Technique: TBH, we’ve lost too much sleep (and hair) on trying to salvage the water bottle curls hack. This Instagram beauty trend aims to create a whirlwind effect to curl our staunch straight, silky tresses left us with a hurricane instead. However big a box we cut in the plastic bottle, however lean or thick a strand we trapped in or the however wide our hair dryer’s nozzle was – its so-called genius was lost on us. The silver lining – we didn’t burn our locks at least.
    The Take: Your snowball’s chance in hell.  
  2. The Trend: #NoseHairExtensions

    The Technique: What began as a joke is now going places and is one of the worst beauty trends to catch on. How you may ask? One fine morning, an instagrammer who goes by @gret_chen_chen, decided to twist her eyelash extensions around her nostrils. And just like that, she, with all her 1,151 followers has managed to sneak her way into our algorithm. As of now, there’s a total of 436 posts under the hashtag #nosehairextensions. True story.
    The Take: Thanks, but no thanks!  
  3. The Trend: #YellowMakeup

    The Technique: Believed us when we told you pink eyeshadow won’t make you look pale? Then believe us now too. This is a makeup trend, that works! Quick bright flashes of the lemon yellow across your eyelids doesn’t scream jaundice eyes. And contouring it on your high cheekbones is surprisingly flattering. Rookies before you get flustered, know that every shade of this cheerful tint suits all skin types.
    The Take: Givin’ Cher Horowitz a run for her money. 
  4. The Trend: #CorkscrewNails

    The Technique: Squoval was revelatory. Stiletto poked the right buttons. Ballerina, lipstick and arrow head pushed it a little. But corkscrew nails is where we draw the line. No, they don’t come in handy for when you don’t have a wine opener. Let’s not even think about how inconvenienced (by that we mean unhygienic) you’d be. And the most pressing question of all, what on earth are you even thinking to take up this beauty trend?
    The Take: You screws, you lose.  
  5. The Trend: #GlitterMask

    The Technique: Glamglow realized just how serious we are about glitter. And turned that into a skincare experience. This is an Instagram makeup trend that has our attention. So as exciting as painting on a star-studded night sky mask might sound, it’s equally firming, nourishing, and restoring for your skin. The fun bit is that they’ve managed to make their confetti biodegradable. Now, if that isn’t impressive, we don’t know what is.
    The Take: Glow job, but better.  
  6. The Trend: #CobaltBlueEyes

    The Technique: Watching Pat McGrath swipe on one cobalt eyeshadow on the ’gram last year has been therapeutic, addictive and time-consuming. It made her Dark Star 006 kit a sellout. Obviously, Kim Kardashian banked on this opportunity and launched the shade Libra in her latest KKW X Mario makeup line. So keep those peepers open for a classic cat-eye, modish monotone or melodramatic
    smokey eye.
    The Take: Beat the blues.   
  7. The Trend: #FishtailBrows

    The Technique: We’ve gotten over our initial shock of spotting bizarre arches. Now, we’re in it just for the kicks. But the brow game’s gotten intense. Of late it’s about which style will last longer, garner more popularity, breaks the internet... 2018 contenders were #HaloBrows, #McDonaldsBrows, #CrownBrows, #StilettoBrows; but of them all #FishTailBrows hit the home run with @hudabeauty
    backing it.
    The Take: Don’t rise to the bait. 
  8. The Trend: #Rainbow Hair 2.0

    The Technique: This is one of the best beauty trends. Roxie Jane Hunt, hair colorist extraordinaire, revives this vibrant hair trend, albeit in eclectic streaks. As a flash on your fringe, an illusion across the length of your strands, or a contour on your pixie cut. This goes to prove that we weren’t prepared to bid adieu to rainbow-hued tresses. Don’t think this one’s going to fade away anytime soon.
    The Take: On a winning streak.  

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