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Introducing #FauxFilter Foundation: Huda Beauty’s Latest Launch

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Introducing #FauxFilter Foundation: Huda Beautys Latest Launch - 1
Beauty junkies, listen up: the future of beauty has arrived.  If you’ve ever lusted for a Picasso-drawn picture-perfect canvas, you’re in luck. Huda just dropped her #FauxFilter Foundation and we’re ecstatic. Why you ask? Well, it’s been on our radar since it’s October launch last year and we’ve been trying to get our paws on ’em ever since.
The faultless formula brought to life by none other than the Instagram-queen herself, boasts of ‘an airbrushed finish for a second-skin look’. Wondering what that means? Think of an Instagram Filter IRL, Mayfair, we’re looking at you. Full coverage with a single pump (amazing) blends in to cover up blemishes and smoothen out the skin. The ultra-refined pigments packed with hydrating Argan oil make for a fade-proof formula that just doesn’t budge (unless you’re done for the day that is). Plus, it doesn’t settle into fine lines or leave you looking like a cakey-mess a few hours later. Creating a ‘lit from within’ look, it adds an outer-worldly glow that doesn’t look oily or overtly glossy.
Introducing #FauxFilter Foundation: Huda Beautys Latest Launch - 2
Now, we got some inside scoop from the makeup mogul herself on our recent trip to Dubai who stated it took two whole years to create the 30 hues keeping in mind the end goal - an all-inclusive foundation range. So, whatever end of the shade spectrum you fall into, you’ll always find your match. How polite! Pitted against Rihanna’s Fenty beauty by bloggers and celebs alike, Huda comes out on top quite unchallenged just ‘cos of its buildable power that clings onto the face like a dream. Did you know the heavy-duty champion can even double up as a concealer? Yes, you read that right. Cancelling out one whole step from our usual beauty routine it not only cuts time, but also the added cost factor. What more could anyone ask for.
Moving onto to the shades, the deliciously sounding desserts, they’re classified into complexions; fair, light, medium, tan, and rich. With six varying shades in each bucket corresponding to each undertone, rest assured you’ll always find the right hue for you. Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation.
Introducing #FauxFilter Foundation: Huda Beautys Latest Launch - 3
FAIR – Extremely pale skinned peeps can choose from Milkshake to Crème Brulee.
LIGHT – Somewhere in-between ultra-light and medium these can choose from Shortbread to Cheesecake
MEDIUM – Complementing Indian skin tones is this range from Latte to Dulce De Leche
TAN – Dusky tones, pick your flavour from Macchiato to Chocolate Mousse
RICH – The dark end of the spectrum can make a choice between Mocha to Hot Fudge
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