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Introducing Nykaa’s Hand and Nail Care Crème Collection

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Introducing Nykaas Hand and Nail Care Crme Collection - 1
Fun Fact: Did you know your hands age faster than you face? Yes, while the beauty world is busy finding new ways to air-brush your face, we’ve almost completely forgotten that the signs on aging first show on your hands. As scary as that sounds, dry, parched hands are now a thing of the past, courtesy, Nykaa’s Hand and Nail Care Crème Collection. Plus, if you’re guilty of ignoring all the tell-tale signs of your aging hands, you’ve got not one or two but seven new BFFs.
Handpicked from the freshest floral gardens, these deliciously-scented, creamy crèmes douse your palms in a light gel-like texture, keeping dryness at bay. What’s more, they offer intense nourishment with age-defying Hyaluronic Acid that plumps up your hands in no time. Want in the goodness of Avocado, Olive, Almond and Jojoba oils infused with blooming fragrances free from harmful chemicals? Scroll lower to pick the best hand crème for you that’s luxurious to feel and stays put all-day.
    Introducing Nykaas Hand and Nail Care Crme Collection - 2
  • Nykaa Rose & White Musk Hand & Nail Crème
  • Just a dollop of this super-smooth hand crème will instantly transport you to the manicured gardens of Kashmir where roses are aplenty. It’s creamy texture with a whiff of sensual Rose and woody White Musk is just the aromatic blend your pretty fingertips need as you conquer the day and more.
  • Nykaa Peony & White Lily Hand & Nail Crème
  • Gaga about floral bouquets? Then you’ve got to love the regal mix of colourfully-scented Peonies with slightly-sweet Lilies. This majestic concoction offers your pinkies an overdose of hydration without the greasy, sticky feeling. Apply it every time you wash your hands to wander off into dreamland.
    Introducing Nykaas Hand and Nail Care Crme Collection - 3
    Introducing Nykaas Hand and Nail Care Crme Collection - 4
  • Nykaa French Lavender & Honey Hand & Nail Crème
  • Oh, how we adore the French fields of purple-tinged Lavender! And since we can’t jet off to the romantic meadows of Provence, this mini-sized hand crème is ideal. With equal parts flirty and romantic in a compact size, it’s just the intense moisturization your dry hands have been craving.
  • Nykaa Honeysuckle & White Tea Hand & Nail Crème
  • This variant boasts of being the sweetest, by far. Raw Honey freshly fetched from the beehives and invigorating White Tea leaves plucked by hand make this hand creme truly unique. The warm fragrance will bright a bright smile to your face as it lingers on long after you’ve massaged it on.
    Introducing Nykaas Hand and Nail Care Crme Collection - 5
    Introducing Nykaas Hand and Nail Care Crme Collection - 6
  • Nykaa Magnolia & White Tea Hand & Nail Crème
  • If you’re ever missing the sunshine in Spring, just unscrew this cap and let the fresh, crisp scent of spring fill up your senses with warmth. Romantic Magnolia flowers are blended with tranquil White Tea to help you celebrate your much-needed spring-break when you feel like you need it the most.
  • Nykaa Jasmine & Neroli Hand & Nail Crème
  • If you’re an old-school kinda girl, you’ve got to get your hands on this Jasmine-inspired crème. While Jasmine will whisk you away to a calm old world, Neroli completes the creamy brew with a spoonful of citrus. Your hands will be left feeling soft and smooth while your nose longs for some more.
    Introducing Nykaas Hand and Nail Care Crme Collection - 7
    Introducing Nykaas Hand and Nail Care Crme Collection - 8
  • Nykaa Freesia & Vanilla Hand & Nail Crème
  • This last one always gets mistaken for a freshly baked pudding. Just goes to show how divine the scent is. With exotic Freesia and warm Vanilla, this literally feels like applying a gourmet dessert on your fingertips. Add it to your handbag when stepping out, and you’ll never be more pleased.
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