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Itchy Beard Woes? Tackle That TODAY!

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Everybody knows that a beard is considered the mark of manhood, a rite of passage so to speak as an adolescent grows into a man. It makes people notice you in a whole new light (especially the gals). Besides, it saves you precious minutes in the a.m. when your clean-shaven counterparts are busy lathering up and shaving. In fact, did you know going hairy can actually save you almost five months of your life. But…. one of the most common reasons why most guys give up on growing that luxurious beard is because they simply cannot stand the constant itching.

Fact is the first few weeks that you’re trying to grow that beard, there is an almost constant itch that can get so severe that most guys simply give up. The thing to know is that the itching is only temporary. Once the phase is over, most men can get to the other side where a full long beard awaits them. So, if you’ve tried and failed to grow a beard, here are some simple techniques to help stop beard itch.

1. Get Rid Of The Grime

Your beard is a magnet for debris and pollution. Don’t be lazy, man! Avoid the itch by cleansing your beard with a beard shampoo. It’s a great way to keep your hair follicles squeaky clean and hydrated. If not for yourself, do it for those you’re rubbing up against. You might be tempted to reach for your regular shampoo, but don’t. Your head and face skin are different, just as your head and facial hairs. In fact, your facial skin is far more sensitive than the skin on your scalp and your regular shampoo will simply dry out the skin under your beard. Result: even more itching. Choosing a high-quality beard shampoo is super important. Look for ingredients like Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Jojoba oil that de-clog pores and moisturize skin.

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2. Get Conditioned To Condition

Simply washing your beard with a shampoo is not enough. A conditioner that's infused with a moisturizer and other nutrients is equally important. The function of a beard conditioner is similar to the one you need for the hair on your head. The only difference is in the ingredients. There’s no need to buy the most expensive one out there; look for ingredients like Argan and Jojoba oil that thicken and soften hair. Argan oil is great for making facial hair thicker and softer. You should always use it right after shampooing your beard. This will keep that dreaded itch away. The best beard conditioners contain anti-tangling agents that coat hairs and ensure they become resistant to knotting.

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3. Keep It Moisturized

Anyone who’s veered down the bearded route will tell you that dreaded itch lasts about two weeks at the most. This is where beard moisturizers come handy. They hydrate the skin underneath the beard that tends to get dry and prone to dandruff. Just as your body’s skin tends to get itchy when dry, so does the skin under the beard. That’s when the oil glands go into overdrive producing extra oil to protect it. Breakouts and beard itching are common fallouts. Enter beard oil that reduces, even eliminates beard itch even in the beginning. Just a few drops is enough. Hydrate your beard daily with some premium beard oil. Not only will this keep your beard hydrated, it will also add a great manly smell. In the meantime, a beard balm will soothe any scratchy stubble.

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4. Comb and Trim Regularly

To create your own sleek mane heaven, you must regularly comb and trim your beard. Keep wild and frizzy ends under control with a quality beard trimmer and comb in your beard care arsenal. Combing your beard will stimulate the hair follicles and blood flow to encourage healthy growth and remove any weak and loose hair which can cause further irritation

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5. Home Remedies To Stop That Itch!

Now for some simple home remedies that your mama would love. A healthy lifestyle is the best natural home remedy against beard itching. What does that mean, you wonder as you scratch your beard. Make sure you avoid stress, drink enough water, get adequate rest and stop smoking. The last is bad on so many levels. It’s terrible for your lungs plus it makes your beard stink long after you extinguish a cigarette. Also, remember to eat well. You need a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. Start taking a natural hair growth supplement like HealthVit Biotino-Z Biotin with Zinc 60 Capsules that contains biotin.

Eat plenty of omega-rich foods like eggs, fish, chia seeds and chicken that contain omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential for normal and healthy hair growth, which means they prevent your beard from becoming overly dry and itchy. Here’s to Happy (Itch-Free) Beards!

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