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Jade Rollers: The All In One Tool For De-Puffing and Firming

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In spite of all the rave around jade rollers on the internet, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at this hottest tool - something I do on a larger scale with anything that involves crystals (I couldn’t care less about my vibes, TBH). People couldn’t stop gushing about their jade and rose quartz rollers but what I really saw was yet another facial tool gaining traction, thinking the hype would eventually die down, as always. So when I began to see this rock everywhere, I still felt pretty smug about not falling for the siren called Insta-bait.

I was a skeptic, clearly. But (the big but), I am a convert now. This could be the best thing to have ever happened to my puffy and bloated morning face. So, if you are curious to figure out why people were and more importantly are still in a frenzy for this tool, keep reading to find out why you'd want to rub a rock all over your face.

Firstly, what is a jade roller and what are its benefits? (If you haven’t already heard)

Simply put, jade rollers are a beauty tool made of jade that’s used for facial massage. They aren’t a recent skincare innovation and have been a staple in the Chinese skincare routine since the 7th century and are believed to have healing and calming properties. Jade rollers are believed to boost circulation, reduce swelling and can help products penetrate deeper into the skin. Predominantly, they’re supposed to be a quick and easy cure for daily skincare struggles like eye bags and puffiness.

A jade roller can be used at room temperature or chilled in the fridge (we think chilled). Trust us, it’s super refreshing in the morning and extremely relaxing after a long day of work.. Although, keep in mind the pressure at which you rub the roller on your face; it should be light to medium depending on the area of the face you are massaging. The massagers are dual-ended with two jade stone heads on either side; one a little smaller than the other for the eye area. On top of all these amazing benefits, jade is also said to be calming so using one can potentially (don’t quote us on this) improve your mood. So swipe away your stress, fine lines and puffiness with this all in one magical tool that is so totally worth the hype.

Now, let’s dive into how jade rollers work

After cleansing your skin and applying your skincare products (quick tip: make sure your skin is hydrated enough to prevent pulling) you want to roll your face in an outward motion. The lighter strokes will drain lymphatic fluids, while the medium ones will help products penetrate deeper into your skis, boost blood circulation and collagen production. A complete recipe for youthful glow served as a mini facial.

For a firming effect, start with your cheekbones moving outwards followed by the jawline to create contour and definition. Then, move the roller down the back of your ears towards the clavicle allowing the excess fluids to drain down to the lymphatic system.

But hold up, which skincare products work with jade rollers?

The beauty and benefit of this ritual is that it’s a great addition to any morning or nightime routine. A facial oil is an ideal pair for jade rollers as they tend to be a great lubricant. If you have oily/acne-prone skin and want to stay away from oils, you can go in for a thick, non comedogenic moisturiser as a base for your massage. For all other skin types, an oil that suits your skin best should be used.

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