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Jai Ho Daisy Shah!

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Daisy Shah is THE fresh face of 2014. Paired opposite muscular heart throb and evergreen Bollywood star Salman Khan, the pretty actress has become a lifelong admirer of the Khan for all seasons. “I would like to be romanced by him over and over again,” she says coyly.
The actress and choreographer made her Bollywood debut in Jai Ho directed by Sohail Khan. Salman is portrayed as an ex-army veteran who challenges the might of a powerful politician on behalf of society's oppressed.
Daisy worked as an assistant to Ganesh Acharya for a few years, going on to doing item numbers in films like Vandae Maatharam before getting a break in Kannada films where she played the female lead opposite Jaggesh in the Kannada version of the Malayalam hit, Bodyguard. Later she appeared in Kannada films like Bhadra and Gajendra, and as item girl in Bachchan and Bloody Isshq, before getting her big break as Salman’s ladylove in Jai Ho, a remake of the Telugu film Stalin.
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The actress also said she prepared for the role of Khan's love interest by toning up: “I was asked to tone up my body before starting shooting for the film. I was not asked to lose weight, just tone up a bit. I was not plump, but I was always on the healthier side and toning up your body brings a huge difference in your appearance,” the pretty lady explains.
Sifting through the razzmatazz that is Jai Ho, what struck us was Ms. Shah’s perfectly shaped eyebrows. If you missed your last brow shaping appointment, don’t fret! Help is on hand! Well shaped brows can make you look younger and more awake, so there’s no excuse not to groom! The secret to perfectly shaped brows can be summed up in four points.
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Four steps to perfect eyebrows .
1. The inner edge of your brow should line up with the outside line of your nose.
2. The highest point of your arch should be where the diagonal line extending from the outer edge of your nose to the outside of your pupil hits.
3. The outer edge of your brow should taper off at the point where your eyebrow and the diagonal line from your nose to the outside corner of your eye would intersect.
4. The bottom of the inner and outer edges of your brow should line up horizontally.
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All the tools you need for perfect arches.
But before you get too comfortable in front of that magnifying mirror, make sure you have all the proper tools to achieve amazing arches…
Spoolie brush
The spoolie brush is really the unsung hero of beauty tools. It’s a must for separating eyelashes and removing mascara clumps, and you can also use it on your brows to brush the hair up and away. You can either buy the individual brush from the market for about Rs. 300.00, or simply invest in the Bare Essentials Makeup Brushes set available here at Nykaa for just Rs. 350.00! Its all about getting more for less!
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Small scissors
After you’ve brushed all the hairs in one direction, snip any strands that are noticeably longer than others. And always cut across the top of the brow, never downwards. Give Bare Essentials Straight Scissors a try.
Brow pencil
Before you begin to pluck, give yourself a guide. Fill in your brows with a brow pencil, and pluck away only the strays. One of our favorite pencils is the Lakme Black Eyebrow Pencil. Get yours today!
The most important tool is, of course, a sharp pair of tweezers. Basicare Tweezers ½ Gold Blade Curved Slant Tip-8.5 cm, will allow you to pluck with precision just like the pros.
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By makeup artist Arshis Javeri (www.arshisjaveri.com)
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