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Juicy treats

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Dry, oily, sensitive or combination skin, there is a fruit for every skin type.
A visit to the spa takes up good amount of your time on selecting facial or body treatment as they all come down to your skin type and the ingredients used in those beauty therapies. While papaya can help in fading hideous dark marks, banana can bring back moisture in dry skin. Once you get familiar with benefits of fruits and your skin type, there'll be nothing but smooth sailing. Read on to know what your favourite fruit has to offer to your skin.
It begins the alphabet and is the key to good health and also, surprisingly, great looking skin. Apple is a rich source of vitamins A, B and C and has antioxidant properties. Poonam Sharma who is MD at The Vedic Spa Mantra shares a simple way to reap the benefits of this wonder fruit. "Those with normal skin can apply the mixture of apple on their face. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse," she suggests.
Fruits With Honey
For a glowing skin, take pomegranate and mix it with honey and almond oil then apply • Mask made of grapes with honey and refined wheat flour is perfect for combination skin. This helps to soften and hydrate skin • To make your skin look fresh, make a paste of watermelon, honey and oats then apply • Women with sensitive skin can go for grape facial. Apply a mixture of grapes, honey, olive and yoghurt.
The bright red colour of this fruit can make the dullest of foods look more attractive. Similarly, this fruit works well on dull skin. Be it disappearance of freckles or dark spots, strawberry facial is what you need. The salicylic acid of this fruit works in favour of skin. Poonam again has a home remedy for you. "Apply crushed strawberry mixture on skin and leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse off with cool water. It will help bring a glow to dull and tired skin," she confirms. Divita Kanoria who is the founder of natural brand Tatha also shares how to use this fruit on an ageing skin which is a victim of dryness and dullness.
"Prepare a mixed fruit mask made of strawberry, papaya and cucumber. Add clay to this mix. Pink clay has anti-ageing properties but not easily available so you can go for green one which is good for oily skin. The last ingredient is yoghurt. Mix them then apply. Let it dry partially. When your skin feels the pull rinse it off," she advises.
Like most citrus fruits, lemons are rich in Vitamin C. They balance sebum production and unblock pores. For acne prone skin, Poonam suggests you to use a mixture of orange with one teaspoon of mint and lemon. This should stay on your face for 30 minutes so that your skin can absorb the goodness of citrus fruits. Divita shares the ways to use their peels. "Dry the peel of orange or lemon. After it dries up, crush it. Mix this powder with milk then apply. You can even combine the dry peels of these two fruits. Apply in powder form," she says.
So the next time you visit your spa or even kitchen, be sure to make it a very 'fruitful' experience.
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