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Just In: Nivea Deo Milk For beautiful, Nourished Underarms

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Nivea Deo Milk Beauty Elixir Review

When it comes to our underarms, we tend to forget that they need skincare too. Our armpits have limited access to fresh air, given that they’re tucked between our arms and torso. No wonder they get warmer and more moist than other parts of the skin which further leads to irritation, rashes, and smelly bacteria.

It’s time to show some extra love and TLC to our underarms. 

Say hello to beautiful, nourished and fragrant underarms with the all new range of Nivea’s Deo Milk Beauty Elixir roll-ons and deodorant sprays. Crafted specifically for your underarm woes, you can choose to keep your armpits Dry, Fresh or suited to Sensitive skin. 

Why should you choose Nivea Deo Milk?

#1 Nourished Underarms

Crafted specifically with the goodness of milk essence, these deodorants help nourish your underarms, giving them the care that they deserve. Milk essence is an extremely good toner and helps beautify your skin. Bid adieu to rashes and irritation.

Nivea Deo Milk benefits – Nourished underarms
Nivea Deo Milk benefits – Odor protection

#2 Odor Protection

Did I tell you that Nivea Deo Milk gives odor protection for up to 48 hours? Its mild and pleasant fragrance will stay through the day and beyond, leaving you fresh and fabulous. The Deo Milk formulation keeps smelly bacteria away for hours, keeping your underarms odour-free and fragrant.

#3 No Alcohol

Alcohol can cause major irritation and damage to your skin including rashes and dry skin. Nivea Deo Milk deodorants guarantee 0% alcohol in their formulation, keeping your underarms healthy and safe.

Nivea Deo Milk benefits – Alcohol Free

Which Nivea Deo Milk product should you choose?

Nivea Deo Milk Beauty Elixir- For Dry Skin

#1 Nivea Deo Milk - Dry

Tired of armpit-stained t-shirts? If you get too moist too fast, this miracle deo is for you. Not only will it keep you fragrant for 48 hours, it will keep your underarms comfortably dry through the day. Then grab this Nivea Deo Milk Dry Deodorant and Roll-on.

#2 Nivea Deo Milk - Fresh

Ever felt your body odor holds you back from mingling or getting too close to others? If all you want from a good deodorant, other than keeping your underarms beautiful and nourished, is a mild yet enchanting fragrance and freshness that lasts all day, this one’s meant for you. Try this Nivea Deo Milk Fresh Deodorant and Add packshot of "Fresh Roll On" too, along with the spray.

Nivea Deo Milk Beauty Elixir- For Fresh Skin
Nivea Deo Milk Beauty Elixir- For Sensitive Skin

#3 Nivea Deo Milk - Sensitive

A lot of deodorants can hurt your skin causing irritation, rashes, breakouts and mild burns that over time causes skin darkening or worse. This perfect product is specially made for sensitive skin, ensuring that no harm is caused to your underarms. Opt for this Nivea Deo Milk Sensitive Deodorant and Add packshot of "Sensitive Roll On" too, along with the spray.

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