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Just In: Nykaa’s Love Struck Fragrances Will Make You Fall In Love Again!

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True story: There is nothing we like better than an exciting fragrance launch— and the latest drop from Nykaa has left us feeling… well love struck. True to its name, the Love Struck collection encompasses eight alluring fragrances ranging from woody, floral to aqua and oriental—in enchanting blends of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk, Jasmine, Magnolia, Lemon Red Berries to name just a few. Scroll down below as we take you through an aromatic journey and delve deeper into the scents that smell so much like love in a bottle!

“Got my eyes on you”

Fragrance Family: Floral, Aqua, Woody.

Top: Bergamot, Apple, Lemon, Aquatic notes

Middle: Lily, Peony, Jasmine

Bottom: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk

What: An enchanting blend of spicy floral Bergamot combined with the woody aromas of sandalwood and musk.

The Feeling: Your bold red-lip statement has moved upwards. Now, your bright red lids do the talking. Metallic sheens are 2020’s power move, in monotone or smokey effects.

“The moment we met”

Fragrance Family: Floral, Green, Aromatic, Musky

Top: Verbena, Grapefruit

Middle: Jasmine, Magnolia, Sage

Bottom: Musk, Sandalwood

What: Floral notes of jasmine, magnolia and sage exude femininity, layered with a playful blend of grapefruit, verbena and musk that leaves behind a green aromatic trail.

The Feeling: You remember that day when you'll bumped into one another between rows of dusty library books. He smiled in amusement and you could feel those butterflies in your stomach. It took you only a second to realize that you are crazy about him. This fragrance is sure to bring back those sweet memories.

“When words fall short”

Fragrance Family: Oriental, Floral, Woody

Top: Lemon, Red Berries

Middle: Jasmine, Rose

Bottom: Amber, Vanilla, Tonka, Sandalwood

What: Fruity lemon and red berries mingles with the crisp notes of jasmine and rose. A hint of sandalwood to excite and a burst of amber, vanilla and tonka to soften.

The Feeling: There was so much you wanted to tell him, but stopped short every time he came near you. So you decided to write it all down in secret Love Notes sealed with a kiss, that you would hide in his backpack when nobody was watching.

“Rosy cheeks don’t lie”

Fragrance Family: Floral, Fruity, Musky

Top: Bergamot, Peach, Pear

Middle: Jasmine, Lily, FRangipani

Bottom: Musk, Vanilla, Cedar

What: An enticing blend of floral, fruity and musky with notes of bergamot, pear and lily that settles into the warm woody embrace of cedar and vanilla.

The Feeling:Your cheeks turned a rosy shade of pink whenever he passed by you in the park. His tousled hair, coy smile and soft brown eyes got your heart racing. You tried in vain to hide your blush with a laugh, but he caught you every time.

“Remember that day”

Fragrance Family: Oriental Floral

Top: Bergamot, Tea, Osmanthus

Middle: Jasmine, Orchid, Rose, Orange Blossom

Bottom: Musk, Patchouli, Sandal 

What: The vibrant oriental aromas of bergamot and osmanthus blends in softly with a floral bouquet before tap ering into musk which creates an alluring feminine appeal.

The Feeling: It wasn’t all about dreamy sunsets or starry skies but that day couldn’t have been more perfect. You'll split a milkshake and dedicated your favourite songs to each other. He was already your sweetheart.

“An Irresistible Attraction”

Fragrance Family: Chypre, Fruity, Woody

Top: Black Currant, Bergamot

Middle: Freesia, Rose, Tuberose

Bottom: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vanilla

What: The zesty black currant and bergamot infused with sensuous floral notes of rose and freesia; a hint of patchouli and vanilla lends this fragrance an irresistible attraction.

The Feeling:The world around you stopped moving as he held your hands for the first time. The touch of his warm skin against yours made your heart burst with joy. You wanted to pinch yourself to make sure this wasn't just another dream.

“Those Sleepless Nights”

Fragrance Family: Oriental, Floral, Woody

Top: Mandarin Black Currant

Middle: Jasmine, Lavender, Orange Flower

Bottom:  Amber, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Musk

What: Crisp notes of jasmine, lavender and orange flower blends in with mandarin, black currant before melting into the musky caress of amber and cedarwood.

The Feeling: Those long nights when you lay awake till sunrise, your ears pressed to the phone. His words were like music to your ears. The secret smiles and wishful thoughts stayed with you long after the conversation as you kept playing his deep voice over and over in your head.

“Can't Be Without You”

Fragrance Family: Aromatic, Citrus, Woody

Top: Lemon, Bergamot, Mint

Middle: Jasmine, Peony, carnation

Bottom: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Amber

What: Citrus with aromatic woody notes, making it super sensual even when worn on a warm summer’s night

The Feeling: It was well past curfew hour but you just didn't want to let go of each other. Every moment together on that long drive felt like a dream come true.

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