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JUST IN: The Nykaa SKINgenius BB All-In-One Creams

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If heavy duty foundations aren’t your jam and you’re looking for something lighter, we’ve got some real good news for you. Apart from our industry favorite nail paints and highly pigmented highlighters, we just dropped a fresh range of BB creams with five—yep you read right, five—delicious shades (with some serious SPF). So, quench your complexion with these overachieving multitaskers, because flawless skin is non-negotiable.
If you fall under the lighter skin tone department, the Fresh Fawn is perfect for you. This super reliable multi beneficial formula promises protect and correct your skin to give you a gorgeous, natural-looking finish. Power packed with a whopping SPF 30, we suggest you smear on this beauty miracle right before you start your day. No sunscreen needed.
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Enriched with Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Cucumber and Jojoba Oil, this fantastic formula is tailor-made for the woman on the go. For light to medium toned lovelies, Soft Beige is your best bet to achieving a healthy, even toned base. If you have dark circles, dab a little extra formula under your eyes and you’re sorted.
There’s something alluring about olive skin. If you fall under this bracket you’re going to fall in love with the shade Rich Honey. This Paraben-free formula is also designed to feed your skin with a gush of antioxidants for your skin, giving you a healthy and radiant finesse. Super like!
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If your skin tone is a fine line between olive and dusky, we’d put all on our money on the Spiced Cinnamon. If you’re running late, toss this travel friendly tube into your bag and you dab it on even on in your cab (or even a moving train). It’s promises to marry your skin that well.
Hello Beyonces! Dark is beautiful and the Classic Tan is here to embrace just that. This shade refuses to change your natural tone, but instead celebrates it. You can rely on this cruelty-free, super affordable cream to boost luminosity and battle any signs of aging. We can’t wait for you to try these beauty heroes, because we’re in LOVE!
JUST IN: The Nykaa SKINgenius BB All In One Creams - 5
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