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#JustSayThanks: Respond To Compliments The Nykaa Army Way

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Shying away from praise? The Nykaa Army recounts instances when they, too, struggled to take a compliment – and how they should’ve responded, in hindsight.
#JustSayThanks: Respond To Compliments The Nykaa Army Way

Chances are, you’ve dodged a compliment in the past – we’ve all been there, ladies. Turns out, self-deprecating and shying away from praise is the norm for many. In fact, as per a survey conducted by Nykaa, 64% of women across India are uncomfortable accepting compliments; they tend to doubt themselves, underplay their achievements, deflect the compliment, compliment in return, or not believe it at all.*

After learning about this astounding figure, I decided to test this hypothesis among our very own Nykaa Army. With Women’s Day fast approaching, I pranced around the office and asked colleagues to share anecdotes about receiving compliments. Read on to know what they had to say.

Sana Naaz

“I’ve always thought that by responding to a compliment with a ‘Thank you,’ I would come across as self-centred – maybe even borderline arrogant. True to form, even on my wedding day, I chose to reply to compliments with an overzealous ‘You too!’. When my sister noticed the obvious confusion on the guests’ faces, she whispered to me, ‘Hey, you’re the bride. It’s okay to take the compliment.’ Going forward, I hope I follow this advice regardless of the occasion and learn to say thanks – one compliment at a time.”

Drishti Ramchandani

“Back in 2016, while travelling by the local train to college, a girl complimented my curly hair. For someone who has always been conscious of her curls, I was taken aback, to say the very least. Did someone actually like my hair? I responded with an awkward smile. Looking back on this incident, I wonder why I didn’t wholeheartedly accept the compliment. I should have at least thanked her.”

Gizelle Dsouza

“During my teens, whenever someone would say, ‘I like what you’re wearing,’ I would wonder – Do they only think I look good when I’m wearing something nice? I’d often ask in response – seeking validation – ‘Why? Do I not look nice otherwise?’ Over the years, I’ve realised I don’t need the reassurance. If someone likes what I wear and they compliment my sartorial choices, I’m willing to accept it at face value.”

Sara Shah

“Sometimes, completing a mammoth task seems more doable than responding to a compliment with a simple ‘Thank you’ – this holds true for most women, especially in a work setting. I recall dismissing my supervisor's positive feedback a few years ago when he praised me for successfully executing a campaign. Not only did I refute his point, but also insisted that it wouldn't have been possible without the team’s effort. While I don’t regret crediting the team, in hindsight, I certainly could’ve humbly accepted the compliment.”

Surabhi Mahadevan

“I will never deny that insecurities are valid feelings. As for me, my thinning hair is an insecurity. One day, an office colleague caught sight of my hair secured in a day-old French plait. She complimented my braiding skills, coupled with a flattering remark about the thickness of my hair. I wasn’t confident about my hair, so I was understandably taken aback. Instead of accepting the compliment, I kept lamenting my hair loss. When she reassured me that it wasn’t as bad as I thought, I finally gave in with a ‘Thank you’. PS. I’m still insecure about my hair.”

Dear women, it really doesn’t take much to say a simple THANK YOU. This Women’s Day, let’s own the praise that comes our way and #JustSayThanks, with conviction. Nykaa is giving you an EXCITING PRIZE for accepting compliments – click HERE to win!

*From an all-India survey conducted by Brand Value among women aged 18–35 years (n=1043)

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