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Kangana’s sexily evil look in Krrish 3

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Check out her head-turning futuristic style.
Kangana Ranaut's futuristic look in Krrish 3 is quite the head turner. Channelling some key trends from fashion runways—strong bold brows, statement eyes and a strongly contoured face—it's a fierce, bold and androgynous look. In fact, it's not an exaggeration to say that the versatile actress' look has raised eyebrows, literally. Sexy yet evil, Kangana plays a mutant who is blessed with super powers. It's not a look that's easy to carry off but if you're the dramatic sort, it's definitely worth a try.
Brow speak
Full futuristic brows are back! Kangana's brows are quite stark and angular in this look. To copy the look, use an angled liner brush to create the perfect angle and sharp edges. Extend your natural brows inwards and outwards using the brush loaded with some dark matte brown or black eye shadow. Brush up the brows to make sure the hairs are aligned in the same direction and set them with some clear mascara. This will create the perfect hold.
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Talk with your eyes
Emphasize the shape of your eyes by applying a thick liner along the upper lash line. A gel liner is the best product to create this type of winged liner. Using an angled brush, line the upper lash line starting from the inner corner of the eyes, all the way to the outer edge and extend it outwards and upwards. Line the lower lash line with a brown eye shadow for some definition. To finish the eye makeup, brush some volumizing mascara through the roots and apply a pair of false lashes.
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Contour for definition
To add prominence to the bone structure of your face, first contour the nose using an eye shadow blending brush and a compact powder two shades darker than your complexion. Run the shade along the sides of the nose and in the hollow between the nose and the eyes. To contour the cheeks, use a bigger brush like a face contouring brush and apply a darker powder or an earth toned blush under the cheekbones. Lakme Absolute Blush in Shade Night Sheen works well for this look. Blend it upwards and outwards to get Kangana's look. Stay away from pink or peach blushes as this look is all about neutral, strong tones.
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Lips that mean business
Finish the look with a complementing brown toned lip color. Avoid using anything with pink tones as it will take away the fierceness of this look. Use a brown neutral lip color which is at least two shades darker than your natural lip color.
L'Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick in Shades Molten Caramel or Mesmerizing Merlot is perfect for this look.
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Warrior princess tresses
To style your hair, you'll need products that give strong hold and keep flyaways at bay. Use a thickening spray to prep strands. Use gel or wax based styling product to achieve the sleek, almost wet finish and once styled, finish off with a finished spray that gives hold to keep the style in place. Think of hair extensions if you have short hair but simply adore Kangana's swirling locks look.
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