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Kay Beauty Just Dropped Their Line Of Illuminating Highlighters And It’s EVERYTHING

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In the age where glowing skin is supreme, the sea of probable candidates are quite endless. How does one cut through the online clutter to get to the promising ones? Well, two words. Kay and Nykaa. Yes, the nation’s favorite starlet (Hi Katrina!) and the number one beauty retailer has joined hands once again, only this time giving you a line of power highlighters. Presenting, Kay Beauty Illuminating Highlighters. Fortified with Avocado and Mango butter, this range features shades like Frosted Ice and Champagne Fizz, each having a delicious name with shimmery hues to match every skin tone. Also, shout-out to the brand for the prettiest rose gold packaging and including a mirror in each highlighter so we can get glowing on the go. Does it get any better, you ask? Yes, it does. Join us as we take you through the highlights.  

1. Frosted Ice

Like a hot cup of coffee for your face, swiping on a highlighter is the easiest way to look awake and well-rested. Frosted Ice is just that. Tailor-made for lighter skin tones, this silicone-free highlighter is a pink toned pigment that leaves a luminous shine with just one stroke. Yes, one single stroke. That speaks volumes about the longevity of this product too. It also effortlessly rides the line between subtle and bold. It’s kinda perfect.

2. Champagne Fizz

Perfect for the less confident highlighter users, Champagne Fizz is a blendable and buildable powder that adds a subtle hint of sheen and defines your skin with an elegant golden wash. Perfect for date nights, this weightless formula works great for light to medium skin tones and promises a healthy dose of hydration and moisturization to ensure seamless application with a non-gritty texture. Like champagne for your skin?

3. Honey Glaze

On days when you feel like your skin looks a little tired or dull, the Honey Glaze can help. One swipe of this ultra-fine, neutral gold shade (perfect for olive skin) can pack a celestial punch. By that, we mean a beautiful soft-focus glow that can be toned down for the day or amped up for the night. Once you’ve applied your base, this is all you need henny.  

4. Rosey Dew

Laced with undetectable shimmer particles, Rosey Dew is an absolute dream for those that fancy that extra lift. Best suited for medium skin tones, this ultra-shimmery, rose gold highlighter is here to get your cheekbones popping. It’s more of a daytime color that instantly refreshes tired, sallow skin. You can also play it up and add a touch to your eyelids, cupid's bow and collar bones.

5. Sunlit Gold

Sunlit Gold is basically a holiday glow in a gorgeous case. Need we say more? This paraben-free, illuminating elixir adds a warmth to your complexion for a just-back-from the beach radiance. Recommended for dusky skin, this deep gold hue imparts the most realistic warmth that catches the light and draws attention to your face without overwhelming it.

6. Copper Shine

You know that deep multidimensional rose gold sheen that you’ve seen everywhere on social media? Copper Shine is all that and more. The warmth of this shimmery highlighter makes it ideal for sweeping even on the lower part of your cheekbones (almost like bronzer) and across your collarbone and shoulders. There’s more… it also helps carve out dramatic supermodel cheekbones.

To conclude, it’s safe to say that this will be the best 799 gandhis that you’ll ever spend. Also, we’ve saved the best (information) for the last. This hardworking line Kares about the planet too. They are cruelty-free and consciously made to support animal welfare. Wait, do you hear that? Yes, that’s a million Gen-Zs’ screaming hallelujah in harmony. Also, let us remind you that the reason most digital stars always look radiant, fresh and well-rested is probably due to rim lights and a good camera. For the rest of us there’s Kay

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