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Celebrating Three Years Of Kay Beauty

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Coming into your own, embracing yourself sans conditions, and exhibiting this unabashed, true-blue version in front of the world, requires courage of conviction. And helping hundreds and thousands realise this endeavour through makeup is Kay Beauty. Founded in 2019 by the eminent Indian actress Katrina Kaif in association with Nykaa has empowered, inspired and enlightened many — by pushing the envelope of beauty, rallying for more inclusivity and leveraging the best out of makeup. Three years later, this successful partnership with a shared vision to bring innovative beauty solutions and bridge the rift between high-performance makeup and skincare with Kare For You ingredients has made the marque brand a household name with ardent followers.

“In three short years, we are available in almost 1600 cities and 100 stores, Nykaa stores throughout the country, and there’s a lot more to come in the next year itself.” - Katrina Kaif, Actress, Co-Founder - Kay Beauty

Today, Kay Beauty stands tall and proud with three years of glass-shattering achievements and monumental milestones under its belt. And we commemorated this mammoth achievement in style — packed with delicious treats, makeup stations where even the gorgeous Kat played MUA and some of the biggest names from the entertainment industry, the brand's 3rd Anniversary bash was a star-studded event.

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We went behind the scenes to ask some of the leading influencers about their favourite Kay Beauty products! Keep scrolling to know more!

Malvika Sitlani

“I love these Gel Eye Pencils By Kay Beauty. They are so good, look at these shades by the way but my favourite one is the bronze one, I just put it on the lid and proceed to smoke it out a little bit and it gives a very soft smokey finish, that I am a fan of.”

maltvika sitlani

Sushant Divgika

“The Pure Bloom Palette is my favourite Kay Beauty Product and I finish doing my eyes with in literally 15 minutes, the formulation is that good!”

Sushant divgika

Kay Beauty's co-founder and spokesperson, Katrina Kaif, spoke at length about the brand's vision for the upcoming years, gave us some scoop on what's next and thanked the Kay community for helping carve a niche in the realm of beauty with their creativity.

“Kay Beauty was really about launching a beauty community, I call it our Kay community which was completely inclusive and where everyone felt at home, where everyone felt like they were represented and where everyone could see a bit of themselves in Kay Beauty. And that’s something that I have tried to maintain in all of our campaigns — whether you see our first campaign, #ItsKayToBeYou and each of those amazing women who I felt represented all of us and as much as you can fit in that frame, of course (laughs). And then, of course, our Kay Anniversary, 2nd-year campaign where we celebrated all the amazing genders that there are, all the people who aren't often represented in beauty brands, and that was something that to me was important.” - Katrina Kaif, Co-Founder, Kay Beauty

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