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Kay Beauty’s New Launch Will Appeal To The Artist Within You

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Kay Beauty Carefree Eyeshadow Palette Review

Since its inception, Kay Beauty has furthered the cause of experimentation (in beauty) with path-breaking, artistic palettes. All imbued with #KareForYouIngredients. Adding to the catalogue of the four eyeshadow offerings, bearing shades of gold, plum, nude and pink— the marquee brand released a new beauty snag which embodies the spirit of fun and mirth-making. Truly a breath of fresh air, the new Carefree palette housing nine vibrant hues is a gift by Co-founder Katrina Kaif to the diverse Kay community. Urging us all to add a hint of colour to our lives, the actress and entrepreneur unveiled this exclusive, on-trend palette on her birthday i.e. July 16! Ahead, I record my experience with the Carefree Palette which has been creating quite a buzz on social media and elsewhere. Hear, from yours truly, all the reasons why you should cart this debutante.

First Impressions-Packaging

I got my hands on this immaculate palette, a few weeks ahead of the big launch. As someone who geeks out on aesthetics, this offering is a treat for the eyes. The packaging features an evocative illustration of a woman perched on a crescent moon, her tresses wildin' and adorned with gorgeous flowers. As a creative person (myself), I appreciate and uphold intricately woven stories around products that effectively communicate the brand's ethos. Props to the relentless commitment of the Kay Beauty team to capture the essence of the new Carefree palette- holistically.

Gorgeous Colours To Help Unleash Your Artistic Side

colours of Kay Beauty Carefree Palette

Upon unboxing the palette, I was awestruck by the medley of 9 ravishing shades. A fair mix of mattes and shimmer, the unique selection will give one all the room for experimentation. From an unapologetic orange to a glittery lavender — the Carefree Palette helped me shed my inhibitions and indulge my capricious side. Albeit, a toughie of a decision, the shade sunshine is my favourite!

The Carefree Palette Lets You Be On Trend

 detailed review of Kay Beauty Carefree Palette

The vivid colours of the Carefree Palette will help you jump on any trend bandwagon. If you want to wear the Barbiecore trend— a single stroke of the intensely pigmented Fig, Raspberry or Lilac will add that X factor to your glam avatar. Au contraire, inspired by the burst of blue hues flaunted by models during fashion weeks, I have been gravitating towards cobalt and aqua!

Affordability And Functionality

features of Kay Beauty Carefree Palette

If you think the Carefree Palette is merely a pretty face, let me coach you all real quick. For a palette bearing a tally of 9 shades, this offering is compact, lean and slips right into my carry-on. It entails a mirror, allowing me to get glam on my way to work or on a dinner date. The shades boast ultrafine particles which beautifully infuse into the skin, obliterating any fear of fallout. The formulation of Kay Beauty's Carefree Palette is cloud light and sits on the lids for prolonged hours without budging, even in the slightest! At 1299 apiece, this offering is a great deal for crafting glam eye look with varying permutations of shades and textures.

A Palette That Kares

 Kay Beauty Ingredient List

Staying true to their voice, Katrina and the team bring forth a high-performance palette perched on the value of ‘Kare’ for the skin, first. That’s right, the formulation of the Carefree Palette is imbued with macadamia oil, a moisturising oil which softens the skin without making it greasy. Also, gracing the blend is the superfood almond oil which hydrates the skin, allowing for a seamless application of the eyeshadow. Win-win!

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