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Keep Calm And Tamp-On

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If the thought of using a tampon has you scared silly, you’re not alone. But as Murphy’s Law would have it, you almost always end up being visited by Auntie Flo’ when you’ve got something exciting planned – whether it’s a holiday or a rollicking pool party. And that’s where the ability to deftly insert one of these tiny yet highly absorbent sanitary products comes to the rescue.

Tampons, as most of you might know, are small, soft, cylindrical products that are inserted into the vaginal opening to absorb your menstrual flow before it exits your body. You know you’ve worn one correctly if you can’t feel it sitting snugly in your vagina. You can swim, climb mountains, dance the night away, or wear your favorite light colored skinny jeans without a worry in the world. Sounds amazing, right?

So, how do you wear a tampon correctly?

TBH, it does take a few tries to master the art of inserting a tampon correctly, but the reality is – it isn’t rocket science. Follow these steps and you should be good-to-go:

#1: Wash your hands. You don’t want everything you’ve touched to be transferred to your special place now, do you?

#2: Breathe. When you’re relaxed, your muscles “down there” are relaxed which makes inserting the tampon that much easier.

#3: Open the tampon, read the instructions and get into position. You can try squatting, sitting on the toilet, standing with one foot on the edge of the toilet, or even lying down with your legs pulled back.

#4: Gently push the tampon in, at a slight angle. Use the plunger if that’s the type of product you’ve picked or go au natural with your fingers.

#5: Once you’ve pushed the tampon all the way inside, ensure that the string is hanging out, wash your hands and you’re ready to seize the day!

What kind of tampon should you use?

Don’t be intimidated by the different kinds of tampons out there. To make things easier, we’ve broken it down for you:

1. For You Newbies: Start off with tampons that are meant for light or regular flow. These are slimmer and easier to insert. No pain, guaranteed.

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2. For The Pros: Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can advance to the next level and use tampons meant for heavier flow. Don’t forget, the higher the absorbency, the higher the chances of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS.

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3. For The Finicky Ones: If you’re uncomfortable using your hands, stress not. There are tampons that come with applicators to make the whole insertion process effortless.

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4. For The Hands-On Kinds: If you don’t have a problem getting your hands a wee bit dirty, then you can pick a tampon that doesn’t come with the applicator and just use your fingers to insert it as per your comfort.

Nykaa Recommends: FLOH Tampons – Regular

5. For The Eco-Conscious: If plastic applicators go against everything you believe in, there are tampons that come with cardboard applicators so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment.

Nykaa Recommends: Tampax Regular Tampons With Applicator

Words to the wise…

Before you go adding your new favorite menstrual hygiene products to your cart, here are a few insights you need to remember

#1: Try using the tampon when you have medium to heavy flow so it’s easier to insert. Using one when you’re not on your period or are just spotting will cause friction both during insertion and removal. And nobody wants that.

#2: Change your tampon every 4-6 hours to avoid any leaks and to always stay flower fresh. Besides, changing your tampon frequently also reduces the chances of getting TSS. Better safe than sorry, ladies.

#3: Your tampon cannot get lost in your vagina, so don’t go falling for that myth. If you do feel like it’s gone deeper than you like, hold on to the string and just pull it out. And no, the string will not break.

#4: Always dispose your tampons in a sanitary manner. Flushing them will most-def cause the toilet to clog. Wash your hands before and after and ta-da! Done.

#5: If you’re still afraid of staining, pair a tampon with a panty liner like Carefree Super Dry Panty Liners and you’ll be just fine.

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