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A power ingredient that has gradually moved from beyond the pale to a mainstream fixture, Hemp beauty has finally arrived— and going by the numbers, it is flying pretty high. Derived from the hemp plant (not to be confused with CBD), this popular entry is claimed to be antibacterial, nice to sensitive skin and has zero psychoactive properties. So no, they will not get you high, instead just typically convert your beauty regimen into a cool, calm and collected experience with a rich list of benefits (oh, you will not regret this shift).

From overnight masks and body cleansers to shampoo butters and sunscreens, I’ve listed the best hemp-based elixirs in the market.

skincare products – the body shop

1. The Body Shop Hemp Overnight Nourishing Rescue Mask

I’ve got extremely dehydrated hair, therefore solely depending on a conditioner doesn’t do it for me to provide that extra hydration to my hair. I must admit that I regularly torture my hair with styling tools, and that brings me to why I specifically gravitated towards this overnight hair mask. It brings my natural shine and elasticity back.

2. Conscious Chemist Clarifying Body Cleanser With Matcha Green Tea & Hemp Seed Oil

Never underestimate the power of a true body cleanser. Post sifting through a plethora of products, this matcha green tea and hemp seed oil cleanser stood out to me. The packaging caught my eye at first, tbh. Souped with a strong dose of antioxidants (thanks to the matcha green tea), this formula maintains the natural pH balance of my skin without really drying it out which most body cleansers are guilty of.

body cleanser
haircare products – rustic art natural

3. Rustic Art Natural & Organic Cypress Hemp Oil Shampoo Butter

So, shampoo butters are having a moment too right now. If you’re planning to give it a shot, this hemp-based butter is a good place to start. Packed with organic essential oils that also include the goodness of hemp oil, you could lean on this product to cleanse your hair with care. It moisturizes your scalp too.

4. TAC - The Ayurveda Co. Beet Lip Cheek Tint and Eladi Triphala Hemp Seed SPF 50 Sunscreen

This combo comes with a lip and cheek tint and sunscreen under 1000 bucks, which I strongly believe is a good deal. The tint gives a natural flush and color to your lips and cheeks (a little goes a long way) and the sun protection formula infused with hemp seed provides an impressive protection power from the UV rays, tanning and other skin concerns.

best sunscreen - the Ayurveda co
skincare products – juicy chemistry

5. Juicy Chemistry 100 % Organic Hemp Seed Cold Pressed Carrier Oil

Derived from the cold pressing of the Cannabis sativa plant seeds, this carrier oil is therapeutic in every sense. The formula works on very common skin conditions like eczema and acne that invariably help improve the texture and in general the health of your skin. It also reverses the signs of aging and if you mix a drop with your hair oil, this wonder elixir also promotes hair growth.

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