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Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian's Skincare Routine

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A trillion dollar beauty empire, the most photographed woman on the planet (heck, even during a cold pandemic), most talked about skin (and butt) and lips that perpetually shine like a brand new sports car. Let’s take a moment to talk about Kim Kardashian West. I mean, how can someone look that good, even at a grocery store? Tsk, c’mon. Honest to god, only a Kardashian can.

Apart from shattering sales records with her line KKW beauty, and well pretty much revolutionizing television history, the queen of contour is actually pretty big on skin. The pop culture phenomenon reportedly shells out one million dollars a year on her skin routine. #JustKillMe.

“Skin comes first. I mean, makeup just looks so much better on healthy skin,” admits the American reality star on multiple publications. Coming to my obsession with the Kardashians since forever (for obvious reasons), and Kim in particular because if you can look like that at 40, well then, she’s definitely doing something right. That said, I decided to try Kim’s morning skin care regime for a week with drugstore swaps. Here’s what happened when I mirrored the most photographed woman on the planet.

1. Soak That H2O

I just had to slip this step right to the top, because I wanted to throw light on a common mistake most of us make. Reality check. We forget to start our day with water. Before her toes touch the floor in the morning, Kim sips on two glasses of aqua. I religiously tried this simple step for a week. To be honest, my skin (and body) just felt much better. Mornings just didn’t seem groggy anymore.

2. In Full Foam

When it comes to face value, the multi-million dollar entrepreneur leans to her cleanser. “I wash my face with a foaming cleanser. I need it to foam!” she told W Magazine. So, I switched from my regular face wash to the Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser. After much trial and error, Kim believes that the foaming process really helps clean out all that dirt that settles on you creases and pores. FYI, all that foaming left my skin super clean. It almost felt like I was treating my skin to a mini bubble bath every morning.

3. Could We Be Soul Sisters?

Ok, maybe that’s all in my head, but I can live with that. Here’s where things get interesting. Despite of the toasty weather in India, I LOVE moisturizing and she’s obsessed with her bottle of some good ol’ thick moisturizer to fight parched skin. Since I face the dry skin dilemma too literally every day, this step was just super natural for me. I slathered on the Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion because this bottle promises a gush of hydration. She rubs the formula up toward her forehead to keep skin looking young. So did I.

4. The Tighter The Better

Avoiding anti-ageing formulas for young skin is just a myth. Here’s why Kim’s right on this one. Once you cross 25, using a tightening serum every morning helps reduce chances of wrinkles and fine lines popping up faster. Most Indian women shy away from this process and I’d say don’t. I tried the RAS Luxury Oils Infinity Anti-Ageing Face Elixir for a week and there was a visible difference. It erased all dryness and flakiness, and I even noticed a subtle fading of my sun damage. Ohkruppp.

5. A Little Less Ugly

In the Kardashian-Jenner clan, dry nails are a big no-no. Here’s what Kim does when it comes to keeping those nails super hydrated. Instead of taking a blot and applying it on tips, she dips her nails into a bowl of cuticle oil and soaks them for a good 10-15 minutes. Coming from someone who’s been cursed with visually unpleasant hands, I pulled out the O.P.I Pro Spa Skin Care Nail & Cuticle Oil To Go and dove right in. Result? Yes, my nails were a little less of an eye sore.

6. Listen To Mama Jenner

Never sleep with makeup on. No matter how tired you might be, Kim strongly believes in taking all that makeup off right before you hit the bed, because even a little bit of residue can instigate acne and stubborn rashes. I got myself the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes. After removing my makeup, I used a warm towel on my face. Since I use foundation every day, this step instantly helped reduce the pigmentation around my mouth and under my eyes. Kim admits that this advice comes straight from her momager aka Kris Jenner herself. Thank you, Kris.

‘This will be totally worth it’, I told myself as I gathered my calculated essentials on day one. Now I've reached day seven and I’m honestly blown away. I lived like Kim Kardashian West for a week, and I must admit that my skin put velvet to shame and my nails finally looks remotely human. Confession: Yes, it was totally worth it.

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