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Kick Start Your Self Care Sundays With Sheet Masks From Nykaa Skin Secrets

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Kick Start Your Self Care Sundays With Sheet Masks From Nykaa Skin Secrets

After a long week of chasing stringent deadlines, a much-needed moment of respite on Sunday feels heavenly. And all I want to do is kick up my feet and slap on a satiating sheet mask with a warm beverage to keep me company. That’s right! A sheet mask is the epitome of a teensy-tiny effort that drives a colossal impact— casting away the grime from the face whilst instantly perking up my mood. If you too want to sign up to my rendition of a weekend decompressing ritual, then invest in a selection of high-performing sheet masks from Nykaa Skin Secrets. These pick-me-ups have been mapped into different skin concerns, that ought to leave you feeling a li’l spoilt for choice! But before you devour the cheat ‘sheet’ to masks, an overview of how these offerings are real game changers for your beauty!

Compact and easy-to-use, sheet masks are doused in active (ceramide, antioxidants and so forth) concentrates to help optimise skin health while also re-energizing your chi. They sit on the face for a quarter of an hour, allowing the ampoule to percolate deep into the skin and address concerns like dullness, dehydration and pore congestion amongst others. Many find sheet masks to be extremely gratifying as they power pack a multi-sensorial experience in a sachet– reminiscent of salon treatment. And the fast-tracked result in the blink of an eye, is no short of a wonder.

Now without any further ado, ahead our list of Nykaa Skin Secrets. Score these offerings at affordable prices, in time for your Sunday Selfcare Session.

Best sheet mask for youthful skin

Who doesn’t fancy healthier and taut skin? Well, the Exotic Indulgence Gold Sheet aids in this endeavour by slackening the depletion of collagen from skin. The fine gold particles present in the serum also facilitate moisture retention into the skin, which bestow it with an unparalleled glow. Furthermore, the mask is refreshing and never feels icky on application— with a hint of a relaxing scent that warms the heart.

Best sheet mask for glowing skin

If your skin is feeling dehydrated, flaky and unloved, some TLC in the form of the Active Solutions and hyaluronic acid ought to do wonders. Hyaluronic acid is a competent humectant that binds water to the skin, giving it a revitalising glow. This adequate hydration when administered also makes the skin visibility firm yet uber soft.

Best sheet mask for clear skin

If you want to get your glow on, in time for that presentation on Monday– get your hands on the Lemon and Honey Sheet Mask from Nykaa Skin Secrets. We know that lemon juice is an abundant source of vitamin C, a potent brightening agent. It helps dwindle pigmentation and administers a clear complexion. This particular serum also contains honey, which ensures prolonged skin moisturisation while reversing damage.

Best sheet mask for purified skin

Nothing like a Sunday detox for your skin, after all, it bears the brunt of external aggressors, harsh weather and even erratic lifestyle choices (everyday). This is why we recommend opting for the Black Mud and Aloe Vera sheet mask to help wash out the grime from the dermis. The star ingredient aloe vera, bestows intense moisturisation on the skin, making it exceedingly soft and supple. The infusion of Black Mud pulls and casts away the impurities from the pores.

Best sheet mask for blemish free skin

If pesky blemishes on the face have bogged you down, try the Strawberry and Argan Oil sheet mask to tackle the concern, head-on. Argan oil in the ampoule ensures deep hydration and ample nourishment to the skin — making it elastin, smooth and supple on the outside. The sheet mask also features strawberry extracts, a potent antioxidant that reduces the appearance of blemishes.

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