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Kitchen Ingredients To Help Maintain A Healthy Vagina

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Let’s talk about your health below the belt. Yes, we’re talking about a hale and hearty vagina. From maintaining the perfect pH balance to saying hello to good bacteria, your vagina needs TLC too. We’ve all had those squirmy nightmares about UTIs, unpleasant discharge and even morbid libidos. And to avoid ‘em, all you need is a kitchen full of your vagina’s favourite food.

Do you want your va-jay-jay to be in the pink of its health (pun much intended)? Then check out these amazingly healthy and yummy ingredients you must add to your diet today.

1. Cranberry Love

This relationship – between cranberries and your vagina – is one with a ‘happily ever after’. Cranberries are the ultimate defenders of UTI and other infections around your bladder and vagina. They contain powerful anti-bacterial properties along with vitamins E & C. Pro tip: Choose unsweetened, fresh cranberries.

2. Probiotic Chemistry

Probiotics, or food that is alive, balances your pH levels and is great for warding off infections. With live or active cultures of good bacteria, probiotic rich food keeps yeast away as well; think a bowlful of yummy Greek yogurt (also packed with calcium) or kimchi salads and pickles.

3. Libido Boosting Omega 3

Plant and fish based fatty acids like Omega 3 promote a healthy heart, supple skin and blood circulation. How is it good for your lady parts, then? Omega 3 keeps the blood pumping, making it a libido-booster. Also, it masters the art of reducing period pain and helps maintain a proper cycle. Your vagina will thank you for that grilled salmon later.

4. The Soy Affair

Did you know that soy contains the plant version of female hormones? This compound (phytoestrogen) is extremely beneficial to your vaginal health, especially if you have low estrogen levels. Soy will also help combat the side-effects of menopause, making the process far less painful (and stressful). Don’t like soybean in your food? Try soymilk or tofu instead.

5. Green Green, Happy Bean

Leafy, gorgeous, yummy greens are great for your vaginal health! Most greens are rich in magnesium that promote good blood flow. Spinach can basically be treated as a natural aphrodisiac. And kale and lettuce work wonders for your muscle health – think tight. Oh, and greens keep your vagina hydrated too. Amazing, right?

6. Garlic Season(ing)

Slightly smelly, this vampire-repeller is your precious V’s knight in shining armor. Garlic fights yeast infections like a pro. It also contains an ingredient called allicin that gushes blood to all your body parts, even directly to your vagina. Aphrodisiac alert! Just add sautéed garlic to your bread, to get the best of this ingredient without the smelly aftereffect.

7. Red Wine To The Rescue

This elixir is our favorite vagina-nourishing therapy. Other than the obvious benefits (starting with heightening your mood), red wine is highly rich in antioxidants triggering high blood flow. It relaxes your muscles, even down south, promoting the health of your vaginal walls. And the best part: the flavonoids in it help prevent ovarian cancer! Yay to a glass of red.

8. Aqua Bliss

And finally, the cure to every illness – water. Studies have shown that guzzling down H2O makes minor infections wash away. Water can do miracles to your hoo-haa by promoting its self-cleaning processes. An extra glass of water will keep your vagina lubricated and hygienic. Water also helps keep any distasteful odor in check. So, drink up and flourish.

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