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Shaving Essentials From Bombae That Will Save You A Trip To The Salon

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Face razors for women

Standing on the threshold of your teenhood is overwhelming enough, but it only gets trickier when you are the first one in your crew to face the wrath of the growth hormone trickling in. The early onset of which resulted in your girl here having tufts of hair (so thankful for my genes) sporadically sprouting on her legs and arms (we can all agree that it's a teen’s nightmare). As someone discouraged from shaving and waxing as a preteen,  I had to resort to other tricks to conceal my unruly hair growth— fine, just the one: pulling up my school socks till my knees in a desperate attempt to hide (slow claps). I would hope that no one would pay attention to my legs, allowing me to skate through school but that didn't go as planned. The shy, awkward preteen became even more uncomfortable in her skin.

Years later, as a woman of 27, I can happily disclose that I am much more confident with my natural body hair and even embrace it. But, I also thoroughly enjoy the sense of autonomy that can be credited to getting older, wiser (well, I am getting there) and slightly more secure with my body. So, as and when I desire, or whenever I feel like the hair growth on my arms and legs or face for that matter is getting pesky or irksome— I don’t hesitate in picking up my razor and swiping it away. Yes, I bank on my trusty razor to carry out the assignment and it never disappoints. Tbh, shaving is the most painless,  hassle-free and convenient method of hair removal and the only bone I have to pick  with people around me (especially when I was a young, impressionable girl) is how their conversations undermined the stellar potential of this little tool. In an effort to equip you with the right information about razors I have curated a list of my personal favorites that will hopefully bust some myths that surround razors and nudge you in the right direction.

With these picks, you won’t be riding the razor’s edge!

womens face trimmer

Bombae Precision Face Razor For Women

I graduated to using face razors nearly 6 months ago and it has worked miraculously for my skin. Personally exhausted from running to my nearest beauty salon and then electing the not-so-pleasant experience of threading made me instantly break into small boils. A dab of aloe — in a desperate attempt to abate the pain, did nothing and well the zits only aggravated with every passing day. With the Precision Face Razor I feel like I am back in the driver’s seat, in control. The stainless steel razor gives me a very close shave and keeps the ingrowth worries at bay. The razor comes braced with an anti-slip grip that is a God send for people like me who have terrible eye and limb coordination. A great handle helps me glide the razor over every curve and bump in my skin. The end result is a super smooth canvas that makes layering the rest of my makeup a cake walk!

trimmer for women

Bombae 6-in-1 Sensitive Trimmer For Women

Lo and behold — this 6-in-1 multipurpose trimmer from Bombae is all you to tackle different intensities and textures of hair. Right from the brows to the bikini area, this sensitive trimmer removes every last strand of hair, adeptly. The best part, however, is how portable it is. Coupled with a protective cap allows you to throw this sturdy and effective trimmer in your vanity bag and forget about it. The double AA battery operated tool is also waterproof and gives us a run time of 90 minutes at a stretch, which isn’t shabby at all!

eyebrow trimmer for women

Bombae 4-in-1 Eyebrow Trimmer Magica

Want brows for days? Fret not as the Bombae 4-in-1 Eyebrow Trimmer Magica is ‘hair’! True to its name, this little tool wields immense power. (Swishing this magic wand to get the brows on fleek, we have always wanted). I have been turning to this trimmer to expel hair from my face and I can testify that it grants you a clean, polished look. By administering eradication of dead and build-up it also enhances the look of your makeup.

best face razors

Bombae Defender For Her Razor

You will find this mighty and meticulous razor tucked away with my shampoo, conditioner and shower gels on my vanity. The FlexBlade Technology that offers a very close and clean shave is the reason why I summon the razor so often — to do away with hair growth around difficult areas like the shin and the elbow. This razor that has become my ride and die, is braced with an Erogomacially designed handle which ensures a steady grip. So, throw caution to the wind and glide away (umm, please still be careful while using a razor). Unlike other razors that tend to irritate the skin, this particular template that supports a sensitive coating on the cartridge soothes the epidermis while giving me a smooth finish.

shaving cream for women

Bombae Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam For Women

If squeezing in a quick shower seems like a dicey task then let me introduce you to a formulation that will make you reassess the situation — the Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam For Women. This product will single handedly revolutionize your shaving experience by helping you steer clear of nicks, cuts and razor burns. Devoid of parabens, SLS, this foaming gel allows the razor to breeze through against any and all resistance. This offering boasts star ingredients like dreamy lavender, refreshing aloe, hydrating olive and comforting oats for a salon like pamper session at home.

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