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Lady V’s New Bff? Nykaa Natural’s Ultra Fresh Intimate Wash

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Gentle and sensitive, but prone to ‘infections, harmful bacteria, bad odor and rashes’ – your precious vajayjay needs extra love and care compared to the rest of the body. Let’s face it, infections and rashes down there can be much more uncomfortable than on any other part of the body.

Don’t fret! All you need is a little extra hygiene, a little TLC and some special treatment. Add to your cart this all-new Nykaa Natural’s Ultra Fresh Intimate Wash. And let’s talk easy and proper TLC for your Lady V. This cool product keeps your vagina safe and healthy. Here’s how…


Did you know that regular soaps are bad for your vagina?

Fact: Soaps tend to disrupt your skin’s pH balance. Your skin is acidic (pH5.5), and your vagina more so (pH 3.8) than the rest of your body. Using soap (pH 9-10) can thus upset the balance and create a birthing ground for harmful bacteria.

Solution: Nykaa’s Intimate Wash is 100% soap free and maintains a perfect pH balance in your intimate areas with Lactic Acid, making it a healthy and hygienic cleaning agent. It is gentle to your skin and mild to avoid any kind of reaction or irritation.


Clean on the outside, fresh and safe on the inside

Fact: The inner walls of your vagina are self-cleaning. You knew that! But the outer parts need a little help. A regular cleanse is necessary, especially when menstruating or after exercising. If you don’t clean the outer area of your vagina, chances of getting bacterial or fungal infections become higher on the inside as well.

Solution: Keep Nykaa’s Intimate Wash handy, and it will keep the infections at bay, making your insides happy too. With Tea Tree Oil to your rescue, this intimate wash has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to combat any infections. Psst… tea tree oil also leaves behind a fresh, natural scent that makes you feel refreshed.


Your Vagina needs some tender-lovin’-care too

Fact: The skin that envelops your intimate area is just as prone to rashes, dryness, swelling and irritation as your face. It’s just extra sensitive when compared to the rest of your body. Everyday use of soaps or chemicals can, thus, harm your skin.

Solution: Nykaa’s Intimate Wash is specially formulated to heal and hone your sensitive skin with Sea Buckthorn Oil. It promotes skin hydration and its anti-inflammatory properties reduce any swelling or redness around your vagina.


Parabens harm Lady V more than the rest of your body

Fact: Parabens cause rashes, blisters and burning skin. Do you really need to know why this toxic ingredient will cause more harm to your most sensitive area? Even sulphates and certain alcohols cause harmful reactions to your vagina. Unfortunately, these ingredients are found in most of your body washes and other skincare products.

Solution: Nykaa’s Intimate wash is not only 100% paraben-sulphate-alcohol free, but also completely vegan and cruelty-free. This product is a masterpiece when it comes to safety and goodness. With all-natural ingredients, this is your way to go.

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