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Lakmé Absolute Skin Dew Serum Foundation

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Lakmé serum foundation

Not all heroes wear capes. Some come in serum form. In the land between bare skin and makeup exists the imperceptible wash of color, that is, the Lakmé Absolute Skin Dew Serum Foundation. Get the best of both worlds of makeup and skincare with Lakme's newest foundation that is infused with a serum that suits all skin types! This intensely moisturising foundation features a thirst-quenching duo of Hyaluronic Acid, and Niacinamide that banishes dry skin in a flash. And, if you haven't hopped on the hyaluronic acid bandwagon already, this is your cue. It’s highly concentrated, lightweight and silky foundation partnered with serum that not only transforms dull complexions but also helps improve the health of your skin.

You will often find me chasing time for a good skincare routine whilst my ever so busy as a beaver lifestyle. And, discovering this deliciously dewy, miraculously moisturising foundation has been an absolute dream. A serum plus foundation in a bottle? Just shows how much the beauty industry has evolved with understanding the ever-so spike in people being obsessed with skincare—and what’s the point of layering your skin with multiple serums and beauty products when one product does the job?

While all both methods (beauty blender, and foundation brushes) work, I prefer using my fingers to blend my makeup (as once confirmed by a leading industry expert), plus the rich texture of this offering is unbelievable (trust me). What I do is, I pump a dollop of the Lakmé Absolute Skin Dew Serum Foundation on my palm and dot it all over my face. Specifically on my cheeks, forehead, neck and all the areas that I require coverage. You can target areas based on your concerns. Finally, I blend all that beautiful products in soft circular motions for even application. The result? Super smooth radiant-looking finish.

After setting my face I noticed how beautifully it settled into my skin. The foundation serum had a cream-to-tint formula that glided onto my skin, leaving it with a perfect lookin’ base. Less makeup, more skin is exactly what this product delivers and I am all here for it! This serum-in-a-foundation gives a dewy, medium-high coverage finish that lasts up to 24 hours. It is curated to cover and care, which I LOVE! It features 12 inclusive shades that are designed to flatter all Indian skin tones! Yes, basically ther’s one for everyone. Consider this a “magic potion” in a bottle!

This serum-infused potion imparts radiant dewiness to my skin with its perfect serum to foundation ratio. The smooth formula feels weightless on my skin while providing sheer coverage, almost giving me a ‘your-skin-but-better’ outcome. I don’t know about you about I’m adding these babies to my holiday beauty vanity ASAP!

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