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Lancome’s New Fragrance- Idole Is Fresh And Fearless

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lancome Idole EDP review by Nykaa

Lo and Behold! Lancome’s brand-new fragrance- Idole, challenges the archetypal notions of scents — unleashing the new era’s essence with a spritz. Sitting in a gorgeous, sleek bottle— the fresh notes are in line with the women of today, fearless and freewheeling.

I had the opportunity to embark on the joyride weaved by this luxuriant fragrance and have successfully recorded my experience. Scroll ahead to learn all the reasons why you should invest in Idole Eau De Parfum!

Thinnest Perfume Bottle

Lancome Idole Eau De Parfum

Albeit, the Idole’s infallible formulation seldom demands reapplication through the day— you may easily slip it into your carry on without a worry. The compact yet sturdy flacon eliminates the risk of breakage and spillage entirely. This sleek bottle whose sharp silhouette is also an allegory for the resolute and unwavering will of today’s women—is also a vision to behold! It has earned a special spot on my vanity in the last two weeks-appealing to the aesthete within me.

Contemporary Notes With Linger Through The Day

The state of the art bottle carries a harmonious blend of sweet and salty scents — putting a contemporary spin on a traditional exemplar. A trio of roses, grown and tended to by natural sunlight, create the top note of Idole. It power packs the enormity of solar energy, which is bound to ignite your passions. The heart note, jasmine is sensual and edgy which culminates into chypre with musky undertones. I love the evolution of this scent, as it infuses and interacts with my skin, smelling more irresistible with every passing second.

While no words can do justice to the sensorial experience crafted by this empowering scent — I have tried my best for the benefit of all you readers. The running theme tied with the pyramid of scents is the energy and glow emanated by the sun. And rightfully so! No matter the undertaking, a sole spritz of this dynamic scent makes me feel invincible, inspired and absolute. I turn to this gorg bottle, on days when the light within me seems to be waning. Wearing it to special events like a date with ‘that special someone’ or even an important meeting, has helped me shine my brightest and boldest. Furthermore, the EDP format bottles a perfume concentration of 15 to 20%, allowing the notes’ infusion to linger on for an average of 5 to 6 hours. To further enhance the longevity, I apply the formulation on my pulse points like the wrists, back of the knee, nape of the neck, behind the earlobes and inner elbows.

Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

Lancome, the marque brand has championed the cause of sustainability in beauty. Furthering this endeavor, the newest blend in the form of Idole features ethically sourced ingredients. The derivation of contents like Isparta Rose And Bourbon Vanilla in Idole doesn’t disrupt our natural ecosystem, even in the slightest. I applaud Lancome’s commitment to making the world a better place, with one stellar product at a time.

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