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When it comes to hair color, there’s nothing like black and white. Whether you want to change up your current hair color or simply freshen up your look, there’s a host of hair color trends making waves this year.

So if you’re planning to go lighter or darker this summer, check out Nykaa’s guide to the latest hair color trends this year.

1. Babylights

Forget highlights, this is the year of babylights. Patented by Jack Howards, a colorist at the Paul Edmonds Salon, the latest color craze is about scattering a shimmer of color all over the head. This super delicate, fine lattice of color looks like you were born with it. Called babylights because it’s reminiscent of the sunlight playing on your hair when you were a child, the look involves pairing finely woven highlights with hand painted pieces for a dimensional, yet subtle glow around the face and ends. We love it because it’s such a low maintenance look and can be done on all hair types.

trendy hair color- babylights

2. Marsala on hair

Unless you’ve been hibernating under a rock you know that Pantone has declared Marsala the 2015 Color of the Year. This robust, earthy wine red trendy hair color is the perfect hue to make a statement with or complement the usual browns and reds of lipsticks and liners. Now let’s see how this hue could translate into hair color.

3. Aubergine

This eggplant shade appears on the very violet spectrum of wine reds. The deep plum resembles a full-bodied wine and is a versatile color that looks great on all skin tones. Fair skins look stunning in purple, eggplant hues while wheatish to dusky skins look gorgeous with a few streaks of brownish-red color scattered haphazardly.

trendy hair color- Aubergine

4. Merlot

One of the truest versions of Marsala, Merlot—like the wine—is a rich red color with subtle hints of cherry and cocoa. This shade contains equal parts violet and red and can be easily modified to suit all skin tones.

trendy hair color- merlot

5. Rose Gold Hair

The palest version of Marsala is best reserved for fair skin tones. The gorgeous pink coppery tones can be used to lighten up almost all hair colors but if you have darker strands you will probably need to pre-lighten hair first.

new hair color trends- rose gold hair

6. Caramel highlights on brunettes

This is a classic combination that will continue in 2015 as well. Rich chocolate brown tresses with caramel highlights are the perfect way to get dimension without extreme commitment. However, if you’re looking for a beautiful brown base color to pair with caramel highlights, opt for mochas and dark chocolate global shades. Too cool browns matched with caramel highlights can make strands look flat.

latest hair color trends- caramel highlights

7. Soft copper with gold accents

Coppery tints are all the rage this season.  Take your pick of spicy reds, apricot tints or dimensional brunettes, copper tones are a wonderful contrast for golden hued hair colors. They look best with wheatish or warm complexions with gold, peach or yellow undertones.

latest hair color trends- soft copper with gold accents

8. Unicorn hues and metallic pastels

Dip dyed hair color is another hot trend this year. A casual look at the style icons at the Grammys and Oscars will reveal fun and flirty pastels in lavender, grassy green and bubblegum pink were all the rage. However, colorists say that matte pastels seen on the catwalks so far will soon be replaced with lustrous hues with a focus on shiny, metallic finishes.

new hair color trends- pastel hair
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