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Lather Up With These Natural Soapy Wonders

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Think soaps are boring? Not so! The newest formulations not only boast of a bevy of high quality ingredients—decadent nut butters and fresh fruit and floral extracts—but are also infused with fragrant essential oils that smell really really good! Of course, they also carry an unshakeable scent of nostalgia (a toy shaped bar of soap on the bathroom shelf was a fixture of most of our childhoods). Now, how about easing yourself back to bars with these delicious options that are nothing if not luxurious. Are you ready to step up your soap game ladies?
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Biotique Orange Peel Body Revitalizing Body Soap

This one’s a vacation to a tropical paradise, complete with a soothing breeze and a refreshing slushy.  The all-natural blend of pure Orange Oil, Orange Zest, Musk Root and Margosa washes away body impurities without disturbing the skin pH level. The gentle peeling action speeds up cell renewal.  So there.

Nykaa Soap Story Argan Oil & Mango Butter Handcrafted Bathing Bar

Aside from looking super chic in the shower, these gorgeous handcrafted beauts have ‘Liquid Gold’ aka Argan Oil that will give your skin a quick boost of nourishment, while generous helpings of Mango Butter will make your skin incredibly soft and bouncy. The fact that it’s 100% natural and free from chemicals is a huge plus. Do we need to say more?
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Khadi Natural Lavender Soap

If you are a sucker for Lavendar, we found your perfect match. The all-natural Lavender Soap from Khadi does more than just cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin. Spiked with Lavender Oil which has therapeutic properties, it also helps you beat anxiety and de-stress after a long hard day. Lather up!

Avon Naturals Exfoliating Bar Soap

Ready to give up your trusty body scrub? This two-in-one soap bar makes for the perfect swap. The powdered Walnut shell sloughs off dull and dead skin and the rich lathering formula cleans and moisturizes skin sans dryness. We bet, this one will cut your bath time in half.
Indian Party Makeup Using a Foundation
Primer for the perfect party wear makeup

Karite Buerre Shea Charcoal Soap

Inspired by Korean beauty regimes, this Charcoal-rich soap suits oily and acne-prone skin. Known for being tough on excess sebum, activated Charcoal draws out impurities. Shea Butter and essential oils deliver essential nutrients to reveal brighter looking skin. Even better, regular usage lightens tanning.

Soulflower Refreshing Peppermint Soap

This is a tingly, restart-button of a soap. You can feel it all over! Infused with Peppermint Essential Oil and crushed Mint leaves, this refreshing bar from Soulflower cools down inflammation, improves blood circulation and gives instant relief from coughs and colds. Brownie points for the subtle peppermint scent that smells fresh.
Indian Party Makeup Using a Foundation
Primer for the perfect party wear makeup

Nyassa Cocoa Butter Soap

Nyassa’s Cocoa Butter Soap is a delicious, decadent concoction of Cocoa Butter and Vanilla Extracts. It rejuvenates skin, prevents cellular damage and improves skin tone. Meanwhile the dry fruit extracts protect against wrinkles. The delicious chocolate-scent will entice while the skin smoothing results will impress. 

Vaadi Herbals Luxurious Saffron Soap - Skin Whitening Therapy

This rich hydrating body soap is formulated with mineral-rich Saffron and Goat Milk that deep cleanse skin and gently fade away unsightly pigmentation marks and blemishes. The texture? Incredibly dense that won’t become a mushy mess. Over time skin looks brighter and fairer.  
Indian Party Makeup Using a Foundation
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