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LAUNCH ALERT: We Just Dropped Our Brand New Nykaa Pro Eye Color Palette

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Ladies, we’re thrilled to announce our first ever launch by Nykaa Pro, a makeup program for beauty professionals and aspiring makeup artists from all over the nation (with really good discount offers). Yes, Pro recently launched a miracle palette that is going to make your life a whole lot easier. Presenting the Nykaa Pro Eye Color palette. A versatile, high performance product featuring twenty one plush eyeshadows topped with five alluring blushes. Oh there’s more! Ahead, everything you need to know about this inclusive shadow palette.

Want to know more about the shades?

The palette features a gorgeous line of nudes, plums, mauves, deep browns, greys and a really pigmented black (if you fancy a sultry smokey eye). Oh and these shades are designed to marry all Indian skin tones. If you want to have a look at the colors in detail, you can check out our color chart below. I’m definitely sporting the Gold Glitter from the palette for a family dinner that I will be attending this weekend!

Here’s why you need it

If you’re a makeup professional and reading this, you’re going to love this product— the versatility gives you an opportunity to experiment a lot.. Designed for experts and budding artists, this product comes with a healthy balance of mattes and shimmers for you to play with. You could create everything from a bridal makeup look, a daytime brunch look to something more editorial and edgy as well. The options are endless. Plus, they’re super pigmented, so a little goes a long way allowing it to last longer. Great investment.

What are the claims?

One hundred percent vegan, paraben-free and they have not been tested on animals.

How to use these products?

Step 1

Apply a matte eyeshadow as a base on the lid.

Step 2

Concentrate a darker shadow on the eye crease and blend with a lighter shade to create gradient.

Step 3

Use a complimentary or contrasting shimmery shadow to highlight the sideways of the eye corner in the form ofV

Step 4

Use a lighter shimmer shadow to highlight the inner corner of the eye and under eyebrow arch.

My Experience I personally fell in love with this palette the second I got my hands on it. It almost felt like I was spoilt with choices. I mean, c’mon. I have never owned a palette that had shadows and blushes, all in one. This just made my life a whote easier because now I have one product that can give me endless options to create any look i desire. I was instantly drawn specifically to Caramel and Nut Brown because I love a minimal nude eyeshadow look. For dinner dates or soirees I’d go for a brown smokey eye where I’d blend the Bark on the base of my lids, Mocha on the outer corners and a hint of Lampblack for a lift. Also, these colors looked better when I used my Blend Pro Blushes. The pigment just blended really well and gave me the right dose of color pay off that I needed. All in all, I was pretty stoked to have added this lush palette to my beauty cabinet and I can’t wait to try experimenting more in the coming weeks. Absolutely love! We would love to know your experience in the comment section below!

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