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Launch To Look Out For: Kay Beauty Loose Powder

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They’re the real unsung heroes of the makeup world. Really want your makeup to last long? Loose powder it up. Hate that greasy, oily skin texture? Loose powder comes to the rescue. Got shaky hands, but still aim for perfection? Loose powder has a knack to blur blunders. Need a quick touch-up-on-the-go? You guessed it. Love your bronzer to a fault? Turn to you-know-what.

Saying no to a loose powder, is inviting trouble without any armor. And it’s not just worse-case-scenarios with this product. Like celebrity Katrina Kaif points out, “While everyone wants to glow, nobody wants to look greasy. Setting powder is a great mattifier that helps you achieve both.” Overtime, it has upgraded to being quite a vital buy in your makeup kit rather than being just another incidental purchase. The industry follows quite a few jargons: setting powder, HD loose powder, translucent powder, illuminating powder, finishing powder… you may have heard of them and tossed them back into the pile? Not surprised.

That’s exactly why leading actress Katrina Kaif launches her range of Kay Beauty Loose Powder and schools us on the need to wake up and powder up! She takes us through her three variants: Setting Powder, Translucent Powder and Illuminating Powder. Not just debunking the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ on everything loose powders. But also, the ‘how’ of it, by revealing all her personal hacks that she uses in her day-to-day life. Can’t wait to get your fill? Nor could we.

Look: Matte Finish
Kat’s Pick: Kay Beauty Setting Powder

“Think of a setting powder as a wonder tool that can extend the life of your makeup. A few dabs can lock your makeup in place, keep shine to a minimum, and soak in sweat and oil. All the qualities that are undeniably useful when I am braving outdoor shoots in weather that’s hot and humid. Once you have patted on a bit of the powder, you will be surprised at how it blends like a dream and sets your makeup for longer wear. The eight shades are carefully curated keeping in mind all Indian skin tones and undertones. So, if you’re on the lookout for that one product that will help you stay ultra-set for hours after hours, this is the one!”

Benefits: Eight shades, enriched with Avocado and Mango butter, featherlight, won’t settle in pores or fine lines.

Look: High-Definition No Filter Face
Kat’s Pick: Kay Beauty Translucent Powder

“The fastest route to looking camera-ready for me is to enhance my makeup with a dab of the Kay Beauty Translucent Powder. This product does wonders because it’s translucent, so it sits on top of your makeup without the hampering the effect of your blush or contour, whilst delivering a pore-less finish to the skin. It’s my go-to product to achieve that high-definition finish or to absorb any excess oil or sweat. Enriched with Avocado and Mango butter the powder nourishes and hydrates your skin. This is the last finishing step to your makeup routine.”

Benefits: Oil control, camera friendly, long lasting formula, matte finish.

Look: Dewy Radiance
Kat’s Pick: Kay Beauty Illuminating Powder

“Nothing says dewy goddess like a touch of illuminating powder. This one, in particular, is made to lend your face and body a subtle sheen, without leaving behind any grainy, glitter particles. The gold hued powder is super buildable, so all you have to do is take two to three coats for a high-glam sheen, or just a single coat for a sun-kissed glow. And the best part is, it stays put for hours. While everyone likes to get their glow on, no one wants to look greasy, and this powder will absorb all the shine and give you the glow you’ll love.”

Benefits: Made of ultrafine particles, enriched with Avocado and Mango butter, shiny not greasy, blendable formula.


9 Ways Katrina Kaif Multi Purposes Loose Powder:

  1. Wear it alone
  2. “Apply it sans foundation to mattify an oily T zone, reduce pores and wrinkles. Best part –it lets your skin breath while still looking flawless.”

  3. To set your foundation
  4. “It seals the moisture content of the foundation, making your makeup last longer, transfer-proof and won’t runoff through the day.”

  5. To plump your lashes
  6. “It amps the volume of your lashes. Alternate between coats of mascara and loose powder until you reach your desired level of fluffiness!”

  7. To avoid eyeshadow mess
  8. “Oily lids are a nightmare that causes makeup to slide off. Dust your eyelids lightly with some loose powder and this helps to prevent the eyeshadow from transferring.”

  9. To sandbag
  10. “It’s the technique of coating a generous layer of loose powder under each eye, as close to the lower lash line as possible before starting your eye makeup. This stops eyeshadow, kajal and mascara from smearing onto the lower lash line.”

  11. To bake
  12. “Baking involves coating your concealer or foundation with a heavy amount of powder. Don’t be intimidated by the amount of powder and how scary it looks because not a single speck of powder would be left behind once you dust it off!”

  13. To fix makeup mistakes
  14. “We all make mistakes while applying makeup. If you’ve applied too much blush, highlighter, or bronzer (whether cream or powder), dust over the area with loose powder to take some color away and tone it down. This technique works much better than your regular makeup remover or tissue.”

  15. To buff everything together
  16. “This has changed my life! The buffing technique uses of loose powder to integrate all the cheek products (blush, highlighter, or bronzer) and make them look like a seamless gradient. You can’t figure out where exactly the colors start or end because the makeup looks that natural and beautiful.” 

  17. As a dry shampoo
  18. “This trick is especially useful when you’re out and about with no dry shampoo. Dust some translucent powder to the roots of your hair to absorb any oiliness. Rub it well to ensure no traces of powder are left behind and you’d be rewarded with clean, fresh-looking and voluminous hair.”

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