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Laying The Foundation — The ‘Nykaa Beauty Basics’ Series Brings You The Perfect Foundation Routine For Acne-Prone Skin

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Makeup is transformative indeed, at elevating the feel of your ensemble, granting you that polished look which aids you in winning over boardroom meetings and more importantly making you feel bold and confident. It also opens many doors for experimentation and expression (which I love so much). So, you can run wild with a myriad of offerings, out there in the market to curate a different look every time. Having said that, we cannot underestimate the struggles or reservations that people with distinct skin concerns have voiced while picking a product and its application (talking from experience, you see). To all the people sending in requests and asking for the perfect foundation or formula for acne-prone skin, we hear you, loud and clear. Presenting, Nykaa Beauty Basics, a video-led series that will aid you in mastering beauty 101. Check out our last piece that focuses on identifying the perfect foundation for your skin tone here. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program. We break down the perfect foundation routine for acne-prone skin. Abide by this rule book and you shall unlock your guide to applying your foundation the right way.

Hydrate Without Fail

A grave oversight or lapse in judgement before putting on your foundation is giving your trusty moisturiser a miss. Yes, hydrating your skin should be like clockwork as it ensures moisture retention, making it look taunt and firm. Moreover, slapping on some moisturiser before you start your foundation routine administers a smooth base allowing for the product to sit on your skin better.

Are You At Your Prime(r) Yet?

Now that you have given your skin the much-needed boost of hydration you should move on to the next crucial step which is applying a layer of primer. We cannot emphasise enough the role a water-based primer plays in bringing out the perfect polished look for people with acne or textured skin. A good primer helps blur pores and scars on your skin and gives you a perfectly smooth finish to put on your foundation. It also locks all your effort all day (which is important).

Foundation Station

After prepping your skin, it's time to put on your foundation. As far as formulations are concerned, those with acne-prone skin should turn to lightweight, water-based and non-comedogenic (products that don't block your pores) foundations that won’t suffocate your skin and further exacerbate your acne. Use a stippling brush for application as it helps you achieve that smooth base against any bumps or textures on your skin. If you grapple with acne scarring, we would recommend opting for a medium to high coverage product that gives you an impeccable finish and helps you feel confident in your skin.

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