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Leaked! Colorbar’s nude’it collection

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The staple in an un-done-but-done makeup look? Let’s hear it for the undeniably sophisticated nude lip. In a country where we range the entire spectrum of fair to lusciously dark, there is no such thing as the perfect nude for all. We agree that finding the nude as unique as your skin shade might’ve been a war, but lucky for us, Colorbar’s Nude’It collection has turned the tide.
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Whether you have a light, medium or dusky skin tone, you’re going to find a shade lighter or darker than your skin. These lippies come with matte finish, glide seamlessly, boast of being highly pigmented with a rich color payoff and we must say – they pass the test. Convinced yet? .  Now before we get to the lowdown of the eight shades of nude, here’s what we love about them the most. They’re completely vegan and cruelty free. Now isn’t that belief as bold as the formula? No parabens, no artificial ingredients. Only love.
  • For the brown lovers: Uncover
  • For the coral crushers: Undress, Expose, Stripped or Draped
  • For the ones who can’t do without pink: Masked and Unveil
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THERE’S MORE. You don’t want to miss out on a touch of color on your nails. Super bright, exaggerated nail art is passé. The collection brings back those classic neutrals for an understated, elegant finish. There is a nude for every mood, and it’s time to get the scoop on your new obsession. Enhance your natural nails with any one of these bare chic nudes! Without further ado, meet the nude nail dream team.
  • Chilled out: With a gray undertone, ‘In The Nude’ associates a conservative and sophisticated vibe. This one’s perfect for office days, we’d call it the classic.
  • Hopeless Romantic: ‘Taupe’ is a nude with a mauve tint. If the color nude had a spring time version, this would be it. We bet this one’s great for a date.
  • Cheery Moment: With a peach undertone, ‘Camel’ radiates positivity with stability. Need motivation or a push? Apply it on and conquer.
  • Nurturing Pink : ‘Broadway’ is the softest nude with a pink undertone. It is tender, romantic and the correct pick for the long awaited vacay!
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