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Let Your Hair Live On With Livon Serums

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Between all this hullaballoo of shampoos, conditioners, and hair styling products, most of us miss out on the magic of hair serums. These humble bottled wonders play such a major role in tackling hair concerns, it’s not even funny. 
Well, the good news is that the Serum Gods are in a benevolent mood. Livon just launched an extension of their serums and our tresses have been saying a silent thanks ever since. We’re sharing the tress love with you peeps, keep it to yourselves okay?
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Colored Hair? Don’t Care
Love that red mop of stunning color, but despair when it turns a dull brown in a fortnight? We get it. Experimental hair colors tempt the best of us but the astonishing rate of fading is a bothersome point. It’s a good thing we’ve figured a way out.
Enter the Livon Colour Protect Hair Serum for Women. Apply a generous amount of this glistening beauty to colored strands right before you step out in the sun after a hair wash. Be it global, streaks or highlights, this Moroccan Argan Oil infused formula forms a protective coating and infuses the lost moisture content of your locks. Basically, vibrant day-one color all the way till it’s time for a touch-up!
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Dry Disaster No More
A coarse, dry, unmanageable mane getting the better of your social life? Well, nobody said having a desert on your head would be easy, right? We have a hydrating secret that’ll help you manage your unruly locks. So, huddle in.
We’re talking about the Livon Serum for Dry & Unruly Hair. Not only does this formula tame the beast like a pro, but it also guarantees intense smoothness without giving undue importance to limpness. Also, it’s a universal fact that styling hydrated, obedient hair is a whole lot easier. Amirite or amirite?
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Frizz Monster? Not Me!
Lazy bums and busy bees… raise your hands! Whether you’re too sluggish to wash your hair or way too occupied to make time for it, here’s your saving grace that’ll give you salon-style hair on the go.
Meet your new travel buddy, the Livon Shake & Spray Hair Serum. This spray contains Vitamin B fortified water that keeps your hair moisturized and cuts away the frizz while serum glossers boost shine. Shake, spray and there you have it… an express salon finish for you to flaunt.
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