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Life changing tips to paint your nails properly

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Don’t you just love how your nails look after a professional manicure and polish? Somehow at home TLC never quite gives the same polished finish. Actually, applying a neat, smooth, thin coat of nail polish can be tricky. You end up layering it too thickly, the brush marks leave ugly lines or even worse, your cuticles and surrounding skin end up with more color. Regular salon sessions can get pricey, but now it is possible to give yourself a professional looking manicure. All it takes a bit of time and the right tools.  
1. Start by prepping your nails. Remove all remnants of the old nail polish with an acetone-free nail polish remover like IsaDora Gentle Nail Polish Remover Acetone Free
2. Clip and file your nails if required. Always remember to file your nails in one direction. Fit the nail file directly under your fingernail so that it’s between the skin on the tip of your finger and the underside of your nail. Drag the nail file in one direction across the tip of your nail in short, sharp strokes. Use a nail file like Panache Nail File Small
3. This is an optional step. If you have ridges on your nails, you could use a nail buffer to smoothen it. Work from your cuticle to the tip, buffing in one direction only. Use a nail buffer like Colorbar Quickfix 4-Way Nail Buffer.
4. Soak your hand in lukewarm water mixed with some mild hand wash. This will help soften the cuticles and nails. Plus, it also cleans your nails.
5. Dry your hands and apply some cuticle oil on the nail bed. Gently massage it in. Use a cuticle stick and push your cuticles back.  Remember not to trim or cut your cuticles. After you rub your cuticles down, brush them gently in one direction with a cuticle buffer or regular nail buffer.
6. Rub your nails with some nail polish remover to remove excess oil.
7. Apply a thin layer of base coat and allow it to dry. Use a base coat like Nykaa Nail Care - Double Duty 2-in-1 Top & Base Coat
8. Now pick your favourite nail polish shade. Your nail polish application needs to get done in three strokes. Pick a decent amount of polish on your nail polish brush.
9. Place the brush in the middle of your nail, push it to the nail bed and drag it to the tip of your nail. Remember to leave a tiny gap between the cuticle and nail bed.
10. Now go back to the base of your nail, and pull a stroke on the side curves carefully. Repeat this on the opposite side.  Let this dry before you start the second coat.
11. Once the second coat is dry, seal in the nail polish with a top coat. This will add shine and let the nail polish last longer.
Tip: If you have some nail polish on the skin around your nails, dip a Q-tip in some acetone and rub it off. You could also rub some Vaseline or petroleum jelly on adjoining skin before applying nail polish. This will act as a barrier between the skin and nail polish.
Once your nails are dry, step out into the world and enjoy feeling polished!
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