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We had a lot of plans for 2020. Turning into news-bingeing, sanitizer-rubbing, contact-fearing souls, wasn’t part of it. That’s what six months (and counting) of coronavirus does to you. It roused our inner hypochondriac, freaked the hell out of us and flipped our lifestyle by 360 degrees. The irony is that today, we’re all ‘masters’ of hygiene and cleanliness. Hah!

Now, we have all the answers and ‘solutions’ to every germ, bacteria and virus that may try to infiltrate our safe zone. From swiping every surface clean to washing our hands a gazillion times a day… cleaning potions of every kind have taken over our lives. Of them all, Lifebuoy has come most handy. Not surprised one bit. Especially since their hand wash and sanitizer were the world’s first to report to be over 99.9% effective* against the covid-19 coronavirus.

As the saying goes when in doubt, stick to the tried-and-tested names in the biz. Here’s five ways Lifebuoy comes to the rescue.

1. Lifebuoy Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

Need to chomp on some snacks while you’re working and the washbasin seems far, far away? Keep this alcohol-based sanitizer handy at your work space. This hero sanitizes your hands perfectly and kills germs instantly with 70% alcohol-content. Professionals say anything over 60% is a good disinfectant. It also keeps your immunity intact for up to 10 hours. Cherry on top? This sanitizer contains Aloe Vera extracts to keep your hands soft and healthy.

2. Lifebuoy Total 10 Immunity Boosting Hand Sanitizer

Lifebuoy has created a whole army of sanitizers for you. Bag this one in your pocket to keep your immunity intact. ’Cause now even a simple trip to the supermarket can prove to be dangerous. This Total 10 sanitizer is an immunity-boosting agent whose effects lasts 10 whole hours. It also contains advanced germ protection ingredients along with Vitamin E and other moisturizers. It also has a Lemon Fresh variant, that’s refreshing and invigorating.

3. Lifebuoy Total 10 Germ Protection Handwash 190 ml with Refill Pouch

Did you know that on average, we tend to touch our face at least 15 times in an hour? Worse, we touch our phones over 2000 times, a day. Our hands are the prime ‘germ-carriers’ of our body and we need to wash them regularly. No better way to clean them than with Lifebuoy’s patented ingredient - Activ Naturol Shield. This advance germ protection formula is proven to remove 99.9% germs in less than 10 seconds. Fun fact: Lifebuoy hand washes are approved by the Royal Society Of Public Health, London. They mean it when they tell you, you’re in safe hands.

4. Lifebuoy Antibacterial Germ Kill Spray

Speaking of touching your mobile phones frequently, have you ever wanted to douse your phones in soap water to clean off all its germs? How we wish! But this antibacterial germ kill spray comes pretty darn close. Their claim is that a single spritz kills 99.9% germs, just wait till it completely dries off. In fact, other than our phones, we even spray this on our doorknobs, tabletops, outdoor packages… our list is endless.

5. Lifebuoy Total 10 Body Wash

First line of defense in this covid-19 world? Personal hygiene. Your daily showers should do more than merely clean and leave a lingering fragrance behind, right? Yeah. It also ought to protect you from germs and boost your immunity. Lifebuoy Total Body Wash guarantees protection from not one or two, 10 infection causing germs. Psst… its rich creamy foam keeps you healthy and your skin happy.

Stay safe, stay clean!

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