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Lighter-Than-(H)Air Formulas That Save The Day

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Lightweight Hair Products

Don't you hate that greasy feeling after applying a hair oil or a mask? Or when your hair products feel heavier than the load of the entire world on your head? We feel ya! But, guess what? There are countless weightless formulas in the market, that are as effective as those unwanted heavy, creamy formulations. From leave-in conditioners, hair sprays, mousses and oils, the range is as wide as you can imagine. Need we say more? Oh yes, there are varieties as many as the change in your coin purse.

What are you waiting for? Get scrolling to the best lightweight hair products!

Concern: Hair fall and Thin Hair

Best Lightweight Hair Product – L’Oreal Professional Shampoo

1. LOreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Pro-Keratine + Incell Shampoo

Developed especially for the thin, chemically treated or damaged hair, this miracle worker will keep your hair voluminous and bouncy for days, so you don’t have to keep shampooing. Remember excessive shampooing can also cause hair fall, so that’s one problem taken care of.  The Pro-Keratin In cell technology rebuilds hair fibers while the botanical extracts and amino acids nourish from within and add extra volume.

2. Kevin.Murphy Body.Builder Volumising Mousse

The word ‘Mousse’ might scare you but trust us, Kevin.Murphy Body.Builder Volumising Mousse is as light as a feather. The weightless, volumizing mousse boasts ingredients such as Tangerine and Vitamin B5 — the former smoothens the cuticle to add shine and the latter locks in all the moisture. Spray it on damp hair for a voluminous, smooth appearance. And, and, and... apart from being lightweight hair product, this mousse is also sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free? Win, win!

Weightless Hair Products – Kevin.Murphy Body.Builder Volumising Mousse

Concern: Damaged Hair

Lightweight Hair Products – Ktein Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

1. Ktein Instant Waterless Natural Shampoo and Conditioner

Okay, if we were to count the number of effective ingredients in this one product, we would be sitting here for days; Amla, Shikakai, Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Peppermint. Despite all this richness, Ktein Instant Waterless Natural Shampoo and Conditioner is a waterless combo that you can use on-the-go. Apply the foam in different sections of your hair, massage it and finally, rub your hair dry with a towel. End result: Freedom from rough hair, breakage and dry strands. To top it off, it won’t even leave any white cast (unlike other dry shampoos!).

2. Aveda Sap Moss Weightless Hydration Shampoo

You know we have a winner when the name has weightless and hydration in it. Now, you might think, how can a shampoo be lightweight? Well, say hello to Aveda Sap Moss Weightless Hydration Shampoo that promises to increase hydration by a whopping 81 percent. A rich blend of Iceland Moss and Larch Tree Sap Extract, the shampoo will gently cleanse your hair without weighing it down. Simply, massage a small amount into wet hair and scalp, and rinse thoroughly. You can add in the conditioner for even better results.

Best Lightweight Hair Product – Aveda Hydration Shampoo

Concern: Frizzy Hair

Weightless Hair Product – Kiehl’s Oil-Infused Leave In Serum

1. Kiehl's Smoothing Oil-Infused Leave In Concentrate

Versatile to the T, the Kiehl's Smoothing Oil-Infused Leave In Concentrate battles dry hair and doubles up as a styling tool. All thanks to its efficient formulation — Argan oil and Babassu oil that will give your hair a smooth, shiny finish. And, just because its name has ‘oil-infused’ in it, doesn’t mean that you should be wary of its formula. In fact, it’s really a weightless hair product that suits all hair types. Apply it on damp hair for a nourishing, moisturizing and frizz-free effect.

2. Streax Professional Vitariche Gloss Hair Serum

All you need is a touch-up of the Streax Professional Vitariche Gloss Hair Serum to bid adieu to frizz and drab strands. Enriched with Vitamin E, the serum will smoothen any damaged, rough strands and give you the shine that you deserve. All you need to do is rub a little serum into your scalp and comb it lightly (you can use your fingers too!). Yup, it’s that simple. This product also works as a heat protectant — apply it before and after using any heat styling tool aka hair dryer, straightener or curler.

Lightweight hair Product – Streax Gloss Hair Serum

Concern: Dandruff

Best Lightweight Hair Product – Kama Ayurveda Hair Treatment Oil

1. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil

Oils have a reputation of being heavy! So, it’s surprising to find one that is lightweight and will give you the best results. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil will nourish your hair, cool down your scalp and prevent dandruff. Courtesy: The Sesame Oil and Milk it contains. Moreover, it includes Indigo, Eclipta Alba and Gooseberry to boost hair growth. Bonus: the earthy scent has a calming, meditative effect.

2. WOW Skin Science Aloe Vera Gel

Just like its name, the WOW Skin Science Aloe Vera Gel will have a WOW effect on your hair (pun intended!). Its gel-like texture is super light and the formula is enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera Juice that will nourish your scalp, fight against dandruff, and make your smooth and soft. Massage it into your scalp and hair and leave it overnight. Shampoo your hair in the morning — trust us, you will be blown away with the results. And, if you’re routinely plagued  by fungal and bacterial scalp infections, this one’s the perfect pick.

Weightless Hair Product – Wow Skin Aloe Vera Gel
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