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Lightweight Luxe: Elixirs That Are Selling Like Hot Cakes

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Light Makeup Products

It goes without saying that the past couple of weeks have been pretty hard on us with all the alarming news breaking the internet by the minute.  Everything from diabolical communal riots in the capital city to a virus that almost seems like God’s way of signaling a slow apocalypse. Where do we go from here? While we might not have the answer to that, what we do know is that we have a little something to lighten things (and your skin) up when times get heavy. That being said, If there’s anything you need right now it’s a holiday far far away from reality, a tall glass of Mai Tai and a slew of light, sheer and transfer-proof formulas to keep you looking and feeling fabulous through it all.

We got you all covered with these light makeup products.

Lightweight Makeup – Two Faced Mascara

1. I Don’t Need A Man To Make Me Happy

The industry’s best-selling mascara (that sells every seven seconds in America, no joke) has finally made its way to India. Hey there Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. Despite its super hyperbolic name, this purse-sized mascara is actually better than *beep*. This lightweight, hourglass shaped wand inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s iconic curves, is all about giving you oversized, multidimensional lashes. Co-founders Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson’s creation promises thick, flirty lashes equating to six layers in a single swipe. It’s basically instant gratification in a tube. The kind of gratification that’s healthy for you. No boyfriend needed.

2. Customization Equals Inclusion

Set to be the brand's biggest launch since 2010, Clinique has taken personalized skincare to the next level with the Clinique BB Gel + Active Id Cartridge Concentrate - Pores & Uneven Texture. If you have heavy pores (and secretly yearn for what Emilia Clarke’s got in her bag right now), then we suggest you pick up one of these bottles ASAP. This revolutionary custom-blend hydrator doubles up as a blemish balm that gives you the power to hydrate and blur pores at the same time. You also get to pick your cartridge that are color-coded based on your specific skin issues that you want to target. The beauty of this product? It speaks to every single woman, no matter what your concern is.

Best Lightweight Makeup – Clinique BB Gel
Light Makeup Products – Bobbi Brown Lip Tint

3. Your Lips But Better

If you're on the prowl for a lip product that will last through a long day at work, look no further than the Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint. Thanks to its rich amalgamation of Avocado and Olive oil in the ingredient list, this ultra-moisturizing tint starts off as a high-shine gloss and wears down to a wash of color as the day goes on. It draws moisture to lips and keeps them looking healthy. Think of it as a slow cooker for your lips. Just apply and let it do its thing for the rest of the day. If you’re looking for a shade to make your own, try Bare Melon. Smokers, this tint is going to help fake naturally pink lips (you’re welcome). Oh, and post-meal reapplication won't be a concern.

4. So Good, It Could Conceal Your Emotions

When beauty mogul Huda Kattan launches a concealer, you know it’s going to be disgustingly good. That’s why the Huda Beauty Overachiever Concealer reigns on top of our list this month. Designed with tired eyes and long nights in mind, this heavy-duty concealer works to disguise the appearance of dark circles, hyperpigmentation and discoloration with a luminous-matte finish. Once you've harnessed your perfect shade, just dab some of this on your problematic areas and blend well. Unlike other concealers in the market, this doesn’t feel too cakey at all. It’s so good it could cover up a bad day, a crime and hickeys (no judgement).

Lightweight Makeup – Huda Beauty Concealer
Best Lightweight Makeup – Benefit Cosmetics Liquid Highlighter

5. Give It The Benefit Of The Doubt

The reason most movie stars always look fresh and lustrous is because they're constantly moving with a professional makeup crew (oh puh-lease). For the rest of us, thankfully there’s the Benefit Cosmetics High Beam Liquid Highlighter. Achieve peak luminosity minus a post creamy meltdown with this promising pink liquid highlighter. The great thing about this lightweight makeup formula is that you can mix it with your foundation for a subtle all-over glow. Also, there’s a common misconception that this highlighter appears frosty on dark skin, which is false. We tried it and it proved otherwise. You see why this gem deserves the Benefit of the doubt?

Coming to the end of this edit, I do have a confession. Back here at the editor’s department, these products finish faster than a packet of Parle G biscuit (guilty as charged). That said, despite how your day might go, we certainly hope that these potent yet lightweight makeup formulations make your day a little better and work its magic on you just like it did on us. At the end of the day, we all need a little magic in our lives. Don’t we?

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