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Lipstick Diaries, Curated By Namrata Soni

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Lipstick Diaries, Curated By Namrata Soni - 1
End up buying shades you think will suit you? Not anymore. We collaborated with celebrated Makeup Artist, Namrata Soni to create the most divine lipstick Look Book to date. Hold your breath because we’re about the disclose the perfect orange, pink and red lipsticks for your skin tone. Hit-and-trial…. see you never!

Here are the lipstick shades to suit all skin tones and lipstick makeup tips by Namrata Soni

A Coral Affair
Summer or no summer, a gorgeously bold orange lipstick can never look OTT. Not only does the burst of color brighten your face in literally 10 seconds, but you’re also red-carpet ready with just one multipurpose orange popsicle. Candidly coral, that’s what we are.
The Timeless Red
You’re a true-blue lipstick junkie if finding YOUR red gives you as much joy as finding your soulmate. But unfortunately, the perfect red is almost as elusive as the perfect partner. But the ordeal is finally over; clap your hands because your prayers have been answered. All hail, Namrata Soni!
Pinky Promise
The safest bet for beginners of the lipstick world, pinks have stood the test of time. From coming to our rescue when nothing else worked to being the quiet constant of our totes, we’ve somehow underestimated the magic of full-blown pink along the way. Rekindle it with the best in the biz.
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