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Locks In Lockdown: Celebrity Fails And Misses To Learn From

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At Home Hair Styling

The runway may set the trends at the onset of every season, which happens to be predetermined and powered by renowned and avant garde (read: inaccessible) fashion designers. And it may question the status quo, but it is Instagram that fires up these fads – making its ‘explore’ page every stalker’s paradise. Which also instigated influencers to roll out #InstaBaits of their own. Remember Kylie Jenner’s lip plumping challenge that blew up on all our feeds? Or the KiraKira filter that’s still blazing our filters. Thank god for them, right? Although that did make way for the infamous fidget-spinner contouring, boiled egg beauty blender or 100-layered makeup challenges. SMH.

However, months of lockdown has made us brave (and desperate) enough to pick up those scissors and at-home color kits. While many have failed miserably, some have mastered the art of DIY-ing, almost as though they were born with these salon level skills.

In fact, some of our very own celebrities from Deepika Padukone to Sachin Tendulkar… have stormed the internet with their versions of ‘Quarantine Hair’. Previously handled by pros, even they are now at the mercy of at-home styling tricks and techniques. And we’re loving the experiments coming our way.

Take it from these DIY masters, there’s a whole lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to at-home hair styling. Prepared to watch the legends of Bollywood show you how it’s done? Have your notebook on the ready!

Check out some DIY Hair Styling Tricks from our stars:

DIY Chop Chops

  1. Quarantine Hair – DIY Haircut

    #1 Hand Your Spouse Some Scissors

    We saw the power duo Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli being crowned the cutest couple in the industry, in a video of Anushka giving her hubby a haircut. Virat even mentions his ‘gradual fade’ perfected by Anushka. While the haircut was a flawless 10, we do hope that if you try this at home please use quality haircutting scissors. Don’t make the mistake of using kitchen scissors. They are typically blunt, leading to unnecessary split ends.

  2. #2 Blunt Is The New Black

    The newest lockdown trend on the block is a simple blunt cut. Alia’s cute shoulder-length blunt looked fabulous, but we loved the whole dramatic process being captured by Kriti Sanon as her sister chopped off her tresses. And all power to Radhika Apte, who cut her own tresses super short, all the way to frame her chin. Impressive much? Ready to try this at home? We suggest you keep a few cute hairbands handy.

    Try : Blueberry Multi Coloured Printes Satin Hairband. And if you have curls, we recommend Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream to keep away the fuzz if you wish to go short.

    DIY Hair Styling – Should Length Blunt Cut
  3. At Home Hair Styling – Haircut with Bangs

    #3 Bangs Are Back With A Bang

    While blunt cuts, however short, were a classic at-home haircut, some celebs became bolder with their choices. It was quite a surprise to see Huma Qureshi chop off her own bangs and get a whole new look. Let’s face it, bangs have always been much of a risk. Just a pro tip, when you’re cutting your own bangs, stick to the tried-and-tested twist method. Youtube it before you indulge. We recommend this video by YouTuber Chloe Gillian. Bangs look best when straightened with a slight curve at the bottom, embracing your forehead.

  4. DIY Styling Pross

  5. #1 Grey Hair? Don’t Care!

    Okay, we all took notice of Karan Johar on his birthday where he took to coloring his hair. Mostly because it was completely unexpected, but he also pull it off with aplomb. We must admit, while we did enjoy his salt and pepper hair, like his children, we too had had enough of it. And the newly reformed gorgeous dark brown truly suited him. Thanks to Godrej Expert Rich Creme Hair Colour Black Brown.

    However, there are some actors who’re less experimental and prefer sticking by their natural greys like Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar. But if you want to give it a go, we suggest you trying a chocolatey color like BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour - Wine Deep Burgundy.

    Quarantine Hair – Salt & Pepper Look
  6. DIY Hair Styling – Fringe-Up Hairstyle Look

    #2 Tame The Bed Head With Love

    Ever since they’ve tied the know, we’ve been major fans of Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja. More so, when their super-adorbs video of Sonam styling Anand’s hair popped onto our feeds. Along with some kisses and smooshes, Sonam gave her husband a fab pushed-back, slight fringe-up look.

    For an everyday look as cool as Anand’s (approved by Sonam), get going with Aveda Pure-Formance Grooming Clay and Schwarzkopf Professional Osis + Session Label Strong Hold Hair Super Dry Fix Spray. Also, try and use more serums. Streax Professional Vitariche Gloss Hair Serum or TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Frizz Control And Straightener Serum are great products to tame your messy hair.

  7. #3 Color Me Crazy

    And then a unicorn colored Disney princess popped up on our screens with the gorgeous Nargis Fakhri trying a unicorn hair color at home. And we have to admit, it’s been done like a pro. Even our childhood favorite Hilary Duff from the actual Disney world decided to go bright blue, this lockdown. The whole point of coloring your hair is to go wild. We love dramatic colors and we can’t wait to try new things. Great to have such cool inspiration to follow.

    Won’t you love to try some Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream for an awesome look or get some solid attitude with Streax Professional Hold & Play Funky Colour?

    At Home Hair Styling – Hair Color at Home

Go nuts with your DIY solutions for your hair in this lockdown. Your favorite celebrities are. Just be a little cautious. And don’t end up looking like Joe Exotic from Tiger King now. Frankly, even if you do, no one’s judging you. At least this time of our lives, they aren’t.

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