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Loofahs That Exfoliate Every Single Body Part

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Exfoliating is to skincare what flossing is to dental hygiene. Non-negotiable. If you’re not scraping off dead skin cells and your dry flaky surface once a fortnight, you can bid adieu to baby-soft skin. While you’re at it, do it the right way. Since your skin isn’t uniform all over, you can’t possibly work the same loofah all over. Get the deets on five kinds of loofahs best designed for different parts of your body.
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Vega Pumice Sponge - Purple

For every area of your skin that’s callused (read feet, elbows, dry hands, knees), there’s always a pumice sponge. This superior-quality puts the TLC in exfoliation. And just ’cause this is meant for rougher layers of your skin, it doesn’t necessary mean you scrub harder. Beware of that before you go.

Panache Natural Round Loofah

Slough off dead skin cells with this round loofah that also happens to be a natural bathing tool. Not only does it snug perfectly in your palm, it also has anti-ageing properties and increases blood flow. All this at a cost that’s next to nothing.
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Kama Ayurveda Natural Vetiver & Sisal Loofah

Before investing in a loofah, you ought to know what it’s made of. Synthetic ones scrap off way more than needed leaving you with harsh rashes or redness. But Kama Ayurveda gets it bang on with this 100 percent natural Vetiver and Sisal fiber (from the Aloe Vera family) exfoliator. Better safe than sorry, right?

Elite Models (France) Spa Dual Action Loofah Body Scrubber Glove

Perhaps the only struggle with a regular loofah is trying to reach certain parts of our back that has a snowball’s chance in hell. Which is exactly why you ought to invest in a back scrubber. Actually, you can even use it on your neck, shoulders, feet or other areas that’re hard to reach. Buff away!
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Basicare Pva Cleansing Sponges Compressed (5)

You’re highly mistaken if you think you can use just any loofah on your face. This PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol Sponge) is a super absorbing with excellent water retention. This deep cleanser comes handy when you need to swipe out long-stay makeup. And it’s compressed to save space in your kit even.
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