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Look Ten Years Younger With Ponds’ Gold Radiance Range

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In a world where beauty equals makeup, be different and choose skincare first! That’s the mantra we choose to live by, here at Beauty Book’s HQ. While we’re swatching on repeat, trying and testing every new brand (and potion) that comes our way, there’s rarely a time when we’re genuinely convinced. However, last week, we stumbled upon the Pond’s Gold Radiance range and let’s just say – we’re totally floored.
Now, of course it’s full of gold particles, so #MajorGoals but what sets this anti-aging line-up apart is the fact that as a brand, Ponds can best be described in two words – innovative and affordable. As a bonus, if you’re looking to turn back the aging clock (quick), this latest launch doesn’t fail to perform. Want younger, softer, smoother skin stat? Scroll lower.
But first, a flashback. A few years ago, Ponds launched the same range to fight all visible signs of aging – blemishes, sun spots, wrinkles and more. But instead of sitting high on its laurels, now, it’s perfected the formula. This time around the line boasts of a new-and-improved formulation tackling aging at its source. Sounds too good to be true right? That’s where you’re mistaken. Radiant skin is literally a cream away.
With a day lotion that doubles up as sunscreen and a night cream that moisturises more than a potent serum, you’ve hit the jackpot. Chockfull of Vitamin A, Retinol will downplay all your imperfections and Vitamin B will counteract any existing damage to skin.
Are dullness, fine lines and an uneven skin tone your worst nightmare? You won’t have to worry anymore courtesy, this smooth cream. Enriched with real gold particles and SPF 15 it’s a one-stop solution to look younger. Unlike its extra-oily counterparts this day cream is non-sticky. A small quantity goes a long way, just a few pumps will cover your entire face. Pump and pat on repeat.
While you catch up on beauty sleep, let this dreamy concoction dive deep into the epidermal layer to transform skin. Apply it daily for best results and watch spots and scars fade, blemishes disappear, wrinkles diminish and crows’ feet decline. As wondrous as all this sounds remember, be frequent with application ‘cos the only way to clearer, radiant skin is to be consistent with usage.
Here’s looking at you!
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