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L'Oreal Professionnels' Latest Haircare Line Will Protect Your Hair From Harsh Water

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If I have to be honest, I have pretty decent hair (blessed with good genes). Naturally straight and easy to manage, my hair grows well and stays strong no matter how much I experiment with it—think multiple globals, tight braids and constant use of styling products. But every time I travel, my hair starts to misbehave. I used to initially believe that it’s the change in climate that makes my hair brittle and hard to manage, especially when I travel, but my grandma set the record straight–it’s, in fact, the water (thanks grandma).

Amongst the many salts and minerals that you find in water, whether it’s during a shower or a dip in the pool), some metallic components have the power to seep into your hair strands and make them weak and brittle. Copper and iron, even rust, in water can cause hair to become dry and reduce its strength which leads to breakage. And if you have coloured hair, no matter how thorough you are with colour-protection products, it’s the metallic components in your bathing water that can eventually strip the colour, thereby affecting the health of your hair.

For those unaware, metal in water is invisible, however it builds up in your hair over time after every wash. This speeds up the damage caused by the sun, heat or pollution, especially if your hair is excessively porous. How then, can we combat this problem, you ask? Thanks to the leaders of professional haircare (Hi, L'Oréal Professionnel) launching their new Metal DX haircare range, we now have access to their breakthrough innovation that’s a strong blend of science and years of research. ‘Glicoamine’, the lines’ star ingredient is a special molecule that tracks and neutralises metal that enters your hair fibres. After a detailed tried and tested round, we’ve jotted down six reasons why this range may just become your next obsession.

  1. Their patented technology of using ‘glicoamine’ molecules ensures that metallic components are safely neutralised, and rectifies the already existing damaged hair if you use it religiously. I tried the Metal DX shampoo for a week and my hair is already less prone to breakage.
  2. The formula is sulphate-free and safe for coloured hair. This combo protects the colour and strengthens the longevity of the colour on your hair. This also applies to bleached hair as it will sustain its colour better with the help of these heavy-duty offerings by L'Oréal Professionnel.
  3. The Metal DX hair mask protects my hair from metal but also makes it way softer and shinier. On a side note, my friends literally can’t stop asking me what I’ve done to my hair (hah!)
  4. Both the shampoo and the mask deeply nourish and hydrate the hair and are also very easy to use. The mask has quick-absorbing properties which means that you only need a few minutes to let it seep in.
  5. These products will give you salon-like results with long-lasting care for your hair, especially if it's coloured or recently treated. The mask works miracles to soften and strengthen hair for at least a week.
  6. It’s just a two-step regimen for your hair, therefore allowing to save a lot more time trying to achieve that beautiful, healthy shine

The new L’Oréal Professionnel Metal DX Range claims to reduce breakage by 87% for stronger hair and longer-lasting colour and 2X shine**.

*Instrumental test: Metal DX pre-treatment + technical procedure + shampoo + mask.

**Instrumental test: Metal DX shampoo + mask.

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