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Amp Up Your Winter Bodycare Regimen With These Offerings From Love, Beauty & Planet

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best body lotion for dry skin

“Baby, it's cold outside" Well, sure enough, this season looks a lot different in Mumbai, where I reside. No drafty winds that leap out at you the minute you step foot outside or a thick blanket of smog that hangs in the air. But a hint of a dip in mercury, slightly chilly mornings with leaves encrusted with dew drops- just a cosy, comfy weather to curl up with a book and a cup of joe.

Even though winter may not be exceedingly harsh in the city and its neighbouring areas — the lack of humidity in the atmosphere is menacing enough for my skin. Parched and flaky, the sight of my hands on a random Monday disheartened me. Essentially, putting a damper on the holiday spirit that I had just embraced.

After behaving like a wet blanket for the better part of the week, I decided to take the matter into my own hands. Finally, switching up my body care essentials, choices that are more fitting for this dry season. While solidifying this regimen (that has bode well for my skin), I tried the all-star lotions from Love, Beauty & Planet. The brand, its vision, ethos, and mission has always intrigued me — directing efforts towards reducing carbon footprint with sustainable packaging and naturally derived ingredients. Scroll ahead to read more about these offerings and why you should give them a shot!

Cherry Blossom Lotion

best body lotion for dry skin

Love Beauty & Planet Cherry Blossom & Tea Rose Body Lotion

People who know me closely can bear witness-I am fascinated by sakura (or cherry blossoms)! And often express my desire to see them blossom in the land of the rising sun- Japan. So, you can't even fathom my excitement when I stumbled upon the Cherry Blossom Lotion by the brand. I instantly got my hands on it, and it has emerged as a super fave. This satiating floral lotion is an act of pure love for my skin but also for the planet. The formula sits in a 100% recyclable bottle with a convenient pump on the top, which helps you dictate the amount for one wear. Just like every offering from this vegan and cruelty-free brand, the lotion steers clear of harmful dyes, parabens and sulphates. The ingredients are naturally derived and give my skin the required hydration and nourishment. Moreover, the gentle aroma of cherry blossom and green tea envelops me in all its glory—lingering throughout the day!

I would recommend adding this wonder offering to your vanity, to glide through the winter season with no roadblocks. You may also try this lotion in Murumuru Rose and Coconut Mimosa. These lotions not only aim at rejuvenating the skin, but also create a differentiated experience with their beautiful packaging and exquisite scents.

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