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’Find Your Happy Place’ With Sunkissed Ocean Waves

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I am constantly chasing a solitary moment of respite, just that one in the week which would help me break away from the monotony of everyday life and rejuvenate my soul. However, with a jam-packed schedule that keeps me on my toes, an array of social engagements and just the general hustle and bustle of city life make these occasions fleeting and sporadic. It isn't long before the adrenaline runs out, leaving me feeling all drained and my mind -extremely cluttered. The stress creeps in surreptitiously, at first and eventually hijacks my entire system manifesting in inexplicable ways. After all, not carving out the time to check in with yourself, reflect and blow off some steam is bound to catch up with you. So, in moments when I feel all over the place, I wish I could just shut my eyes and teleport to the holiday destination of my choice —anywhere with an endless stretch of blue. Yes, the beach is my favourite place in the world to be. There is something so blissful about the experience, the symphony of the waves washing up on the shore, the wind in my hair, and the smell of sea salt wafting through the breeze —alleviating all my stress, making it vanish in thin air! The sun rays riding the tides, glistening on them beautifully, make me want to slow down and savour the moment.

As much as I would like it, escaping to a sandy beach under the azure sky to reset every time is only something I can dream of. Which is why I rely on a hot shower at the end of the day to help calm my nerves. For me, bathing is an experiential ritual —it's the only time of the day when I entirely disconnect from the world on the outside to bask in the present moment. Lathering up gels with rich textures and aromatic notes can lift my spirit, making me cheery and hopeful. So imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon the new range of bath and body products by Find Your Happy Place. A brand committed to weaving an immersive, relaxing experience for you in the shower. I knew I had to get my hands on all the offerings from their Sun Kissed Ocean Waves line to elevate my showering experience. To be in tune with my inner self and soothe my soul — what could be possibly better than bringing the beach to my shower? Nothing really! Ahead, I share my honest experience with these products and why you should consider giving them a shot.

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Find Your Happy Place - Sunkissed Ocean Waves Scented Candle Sea Salt & Water Blossom

As a twenty-something millennial, lighting a scented candle to energise my Chi is somewhat of a coping mechanism. And this latest addition to my collection has emerged as a favourite over the last couple of days. Imbued with sea salt and water blossom, the fragrance will make you reminisce about your last beach vacation — where you sat staring at the endless blue, your feet covered in sand and without a care in the world. I light this candle while cosying up with a book in my nook or even during the long baths on Sunday afternoons to enhance the experience.

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Find Your Happy Place - Sunkissed Ocean Waves Shower Gel Sea Salt & Water Blossom Sulfate-Free

Another standout offering from this line is their very potent shower gel. The formulation sits in a translucent bottle with a convenient pump (a sight to behold on your cabinet) that helps dictate the amount of product needed. A coin-sized amount on my loofah was enough for me as the gel lathers supremely well. And the fragrance is something dreams are made of — the scent of sea salt coupled with water blossom will wrap me in all its glory. What I love about this shower gel is how it forgoes the usage of parabens and sulphates and yet thoroughly cleanses my skin. As promised, this isn't merely a product but an experience in itself that helps me rejuvenate and unwind. Imagine hitting a spa treatment facility facing the ocean where you can catch a whiff of the water and hear the gentle mumbling of waves thrashing against the heaps of sand brought to your shower. After all, why should self-care be relegated to the last spot on your to-do list?

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Find Your Happy Place - Sunkissed Ocean Waves Bath & Foot Soak Salt Sea Salt & Water Blossom

Did you know that the shower can act as a portal to the ocean side? Well, I didn’t have an inkling either till I got my hands on this Sunkissed Ocean Waves Bath And Foot Soak Sea Salt! I love the texture of the sand below my feet as water waves splash across it, and have been relieving this experience with the aid of this miraculous offering. A perfect way to unwind on the weekend, pour some warm water in a tub, dunk a generous amount of the sea salt and dip your feet in! Brewed with vitamin E, this concoction helps reduce any signs of inflammation and also forms a protective shield against external aggressors. A must-have, this product will elevate your bathing experience like never before!

best body lotion

Find Your Happy Place - Sunkissed Ocean Waves Moisturising Body Lotion Sea Salt & Water Blossom

A dose of nourishment for your skin with satiating shea butter, aromatic notes of sea salt and water blossom, this lotion is lightweight and hence perfect for all day, everyday wear. Adding this to my vanity has elevated my self-care routine and improved the texture of my skin. With the tedious commute, the skin on my hands and legs tends to get exceedingly parched and appears very dull on the surface. Using a dollop of this lotion after a fresh shower wakes up my skin, making me feel all happy and energised.

best body butter

Find Your Happy Place - Sunkissed Ocean Waves Soufflé Body Butter Sea Salt & Water Blossom

This product became an instant hit back at the Nykaa office. The exquisite, rich consistency, and the scent of the ocean waves that lingers throughout the day make it an irresistible offering that I will be adding to my list of monthly essentials. I prefer shaving to waxing and replaced my shaving foam with this body butter recently. It gives you a very smooth shave, eradicating the amassed dead cells that sit on the dermis and a luminous, from-within kind of radiance too. Brb, as I stock these little, compatible tubs before they all go flying off the digital shelves

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