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‘Find Your Happy Place’ With Sensorial Bath Time Rituals

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When we think of ‘me-time’ the first thought that comes to mind is a long relaxing bath! Immersing yourself in an elaborate pampering session to unwind after a long day sounds perfect right about now. Cut to reality — a calendar filled with work meetings, the stress of impending deadlines, a long awaited plan with friends, and the list goes on. But where’s the time to unwind? Between trying to achieve a work-life balance and other responsibilities, the concept of self care and me-time takes a back seat. Carving out time for yourself amid this hectic life to pamper yourself is a necessity, but nobody has the time to visit a spa or indulge in activities to balance rising stress levels leading to the need for me-time sessions at home. Amid all of this, baths reemerge as a shrine of self care — offering a moment of escape and solitude. All you’ve got to do is put on your favourite playlist, light a scented candle, and pick your shower essentials according to your mood, and there, you’ve got yourself a bathtime sanctuary.

To elevate this ritual, we’re introducing you to an experiential shower and body care range, named Find Your Happy Place, which is inspired by mood-transforming scents and everything self-care. This range of products have been curated mindfully to make your me-time a little extra special, Find Your Happy Place transports you to a state of relaxation and calm. Playing your favourite tunes and lighting some scented candles to set the mood, picking your shower gel and body scrub according to your mood; sounds as relaxing as it feels! Bath time isn’t just about hygiene anymore, it’s an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle. Create your own bath time rituals and make the shower your happy place. But how, you ask? By finding your happy place!

An easy way to hit reset everyday and take a breather; this bath and body collection creates a sensorial experience with refreshing fragrances that remind you of your happy place. This range presents us with an opportunity to kick back and take the time to unwind everyday. Joyfully sensorial, packed with irresistible fragrances, and free of sulphates, parabens and phthalates, it is created to elevate your mood. The Mindspace range consists of four sensational collections that will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

1. Rejuvenate: After The Rain

Inhale the earthy scent of cool, wet trees after the rain and exhale the stress with this range. Shift from dull to fresh with the refreshing notes of jasmine and woody white birch. Made to soothe your mind and awaken your spirits - choose your moment to inhale the freshness and exhale the tension.

2. Bliss: Sunkissed Ocean Waves

Made to transport your mind to sunny and sandy beaches. Breathe in the freshness of water blossom and driftwood, mixed with orange peel, marine accord and sea salt. Slow down, take your time, find your blissful moments, and decompress. If you love the sea, sun and sand then this is for you!

3. Calm: Under The Starlit Sky

Experience the magic of the huge starlit sky within the four walls of your shower with the therapeutic fragrances of chamomile, rosemary and sandalwood. Feel the calm and quiet of the night as you indulge yourself in a wholesome unwinding experience with a range that is mindfully created for your relaxation.

4. Love: Wrapped In Your Arms

Fall in love all over again with a delicious mix of floral and fruity fragrances. Let the combination of blushing roses, germanium, violet and freesia with a tangy touch of raspberry, embrace you with the joyous feeling of loving yourself. Be wrapped with the exotic smell of fresh-cut flowers and a delightfully happy feeling.

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