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M.A.C Lippies Have Changed The Norm; We’re Going ‘Lipstick First’

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The trusty bullets of our vanity case have been silently demanding their due recognition since time immemorial. We unanimously agree that the lipstick we choose to uncap is like the Almighty; with the power to make or break our makeup look. Yet we often lack the foresight to base our look on the lipstick, typically going the other way around.
We—as a team that’s quite unapologetic about its obsession with all things beauty—proudly present to you the smarter way of doing things a.k.a. ‘The Lipstick First Campaign’. And who better to partner with us on something so deeply lip-centric than the brand that mints iconic bullets for a living. Thanks to their bestselling brigade, M.A.C has been ruling the luxury lippie market (and our hearts) for a while now. Consider this as an ode to three stellar lipsticks that continue to save us on some of the important days of our lives, with additional support from several other M.A.C superstars, of course!
Before we kick right in with the three looks, here’s a gentle reminder to use nothing but the best for your base because no amount of glitzy shadow or poppy lip color can save you from the disaster of a cakey base. No way you won’t find your soulmate in such an expansive army, consisting of a whopping 47 shades of the M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15. Dust it up with the M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, also available in 37 staggering shades.
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The Bawse
Picture yourself. You’re sitting on the edge of your bed, sipping on coffee, contemplating the importance of your pay-check. It’s a Monday morning, the weather is gloomy and your mood gloomier. To top that, it doesn’t help that an ill-timed business meeting requires you to look your sharpest best. You have your trusted pantsuit but what about your makeup?
Probably one of the prettiest dirty pinks on Planet Earth, trust this dainty hue to lend oodles of confidence on a day when you’re calling the shots at work.
The Supporting Cast: Since you’ll be hustling all day, you sure don’t want too much dramatic distraction going on. That said, a crisp wing and big brows never hurt a soul. Use the M.A.C Eye Brows Styler in fine, hair-like strokes to add density to your arches. Wing your eye using the M.A.C Liquid Eye Liner - Boot Black Intense Black and top it off with two luscious coats of the M.A.C In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara / Mini. You didn’t think of skipping thy holy mascara, did you now?
The Firecracker
Though you had originally planned on spending your weekend indoors, all cosy and quiet with only Netflix for company, your girlies have now hit you up for a booze fest. Not that you mind, though. You’ve picked out an exquisite LBD for the long, trippy night. Teaming it up with your newest acquisition, a stunning pair of gold-toned stilettos, seems like a great idea. But how do you shine bright all night long without your face looking like a disco ball?
You need a pop on the pout and what better than M.A.C’s brightest and bestselling fuchsia to set the night right. Also, since it’s supremely matte, roll your eyes and down another shot when your squad hits the powder room for touch-ups.
The Supporting Cast: Since eyes will pop and jaws will drop at that statement lip color, stick to a minimal note for those peepers. Create a subtle veil of shimmer on your lids with the M.A.C Pigment / Mini – Tan in the shade Blue Brown and your fingertips. With all that crazy dancing, you’ll probably be a sweaty mess halfway into the night, so better set the shadow with a quick spritz of the M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix+ Last up, glaze the high points of your face with a friendly swish of the M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish and get crackin’ up with your sissies.
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The Bridesmaid
A sister by blood or a sister by soul, her big day demands maximum effort into dolling up. You’ve spent quite some moolah on an ethereal dusty rose lehenga but are still racking your brains for a makeup look that’ll do justice to such a dressy affair. It’s a sundowner wedding at the beach, so you need something that blends well into dusk and stays put despite the humidity.
On a day that you’ll remember for years to come, why settle for anything that’s not classic. Talk Ruby Woo to the world. ‘Nuff said.
The Supporting Cast: Brown smoky eyes and a red lip are like chip and dip; it’s blasphemy to separate the two. Follow the sacred rule and paint your lids a soft brown using the M.A.C Eye Shadow X 9 - Burgundy Times Nine. You wanna keep the glam going as strong as the love, so we recommend going all out with a wispy pair of fanned out falsies, more specifically the M.A.C Lash – 36. Finish your look with a light sweep of the M.A.C Powder Blush in the shade Pinch Me for flushed, coral cheeks.
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