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Make The Skincare Upgrade With Indulgeo Essentials

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To all the skincare essentials we have loved before, this is us apologizing for what’s coming next — we’re making an upgrade. Our new skincare S.O.? Indulgeo Essentials. The brand boasts of all-natural products that are a treat for the face, eyes and hair, and the ingredients are the stuff skin sorcery is made of; we’re talking Witch Hazel, Tamanu Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil and so much more. If there was ever a time to make a skincare switch, it would be right now.
Here’s what tops our list of favourites:

Indulgeo Essentials Volcanic Night Oil

Don’t get put off by the term ‘night oil’ if you have oily, acne-prone skin. The Volcanic Night Oil will be the best addition to your bedside table. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about your skin looking oily when you’re going to bed. Second, its organic Tamanu Oil base, mixed with Witch Hazel and four other essential oils, works to fight common skin enemies like acne, inflammation, eczema and sun damage. Just two to three drops before bed is all you need.
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Indulgeo Essentials Rejuvenating Eye Serum

Puffiness and dark circles are going to be a thing of the past, once this eye serum is in your cart. With a special formulation of virgin cold pressed oils, herbal blends and innovative molecules, this rejuvenating blessing in a tiny vial will brighten and tighten your under-eye area. Oh, and did we mention that it even makes the lashes look ultra-lush? Gently massage the serum on your lash line before you go to bed.

Indulgeo Essentials Rose Gold Daily Oil

Remember when rose gold oil was a thing? Well, turns out it still is. The credit goes to the pure 24K Gold Flakes that do wonders for your skin. Its ultra-lightweight, absorbent formula with Pumpkin Seed Oil as its base reduces fine lines and hyperpigmentation for an anti-aging miracle. You can also use on your lips before applying your lipstick, blend it with your concealer or use it to dampen your beauty sponge.
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Indulgeo Essentials Wonder Gold Oil

Inspired by renowned makeup expert, Namrata Soni, this gold oil really is the wonder it claims to be. Formulated for sensitive skin, the oil blends natural SPF with Vitamins A, B, E and K, Zinc, Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid and other nutrients that work to nourish, moisturize and brighten your skin all at once. Just like its rose gold counterpart, it can be repurposed on your lips and under-eye area for an extra boost.

Indulgeo Essentials Squalane Skin Hydrator

Hola and adios, dry skin! Meet our combat expert: a skin hydrator with pure plant Squalene, derived from Olive and Sugarcane. You know what Squalene is really good at? Everything! From increasing moisture retention and balancing oil production to gracefully reducing lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. As if this wasn’t enough, it also promotes the formation of collagen by boosting blood circulation. *phew* End result: Plumper, firmer, happier skin.
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Indulgeo Essentials Luxuriant Hair Vitalizer

It’s safe to say that a receding hairline isn’t a good look on anyone. So, thank God for this hair vitalizer, which is clinically proven to promote hair growth. An exotic mix of oils like Rosemary, Lavender, Tulsi, Ginger root and others, this potion is the perfect pick-me-up for voluminous, healthy hair. All you need to do is leave it on for a few hours during the day or go to bed and allow it to repair and replenish while you rest.

Indulgeo Essentials Rose Geranium Witch Hazel Facial Mist/Toner

When the scorching heat makes you a greasy mess, call on an ever-reliable face mist. What makes this toner-cum-mist special is its prime ingredient, Witch Hazel, that has powerful antioxidant and astringent benefits. And we’re not exaggerating when we say it makes for one of the best acne treatments by keeping your skin’s pH balance intact and removing excess oil from your face. You can spritz it directly onto your face for a wake-up call, use it as a toner post cleansing, or use it as a setting spray for your makeup.
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