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Makeup Dos We Learned from our Favorite Superheroes

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Makeup is like art. Turn around the corner and BAM! You find yourself standing face to face with the zaniest of inspirations. Our current favorite muses have got it all that takes to be a champion in every walk of life: Brains, Brawn, Beauty and an incredible zest for the greater good. Yep, your hunches are on point. We are talking about none other than the iconic comic book ladies who draw a mean punch.  Scroll down and check out the makeup minions that might just be saving the days of these gorgeous Superheroes!
Selina Kyle A.K.A CATWOMAN
Slick and sexy, Cat Woman surely knows the infinite power of a bold red lip, flushed cheeks and kohl-lined eyes. Classically chic, these makeup dos will SLAY, whether it's a hot date with a mystery man or a dinner plan with your closest buddies.
Diana Prince A.K.A Wonder Woman
Perfectly arched brows and a glowing (moisturized) face is all you need to channel your inner Wonder Woman at any social event.
Natasha Romanoff A.K.A Black Widow
The Black Widow is an epitome of femme fatale. Apart from flaming ginger-hued hair, we think she mesmerizes with power eye makeup. Yes we just coined the term 'power eye makeup!'  Let your besties; an imperious kohl and a bold mascarahelp you achieve this look.  Step it up a notch with a nude lip color.
Kara Zor-El A.K.A Supergirl
Super Girl taught us to NEVER underestimate the power of a good highlighter, a long-lasting liquid liner and oodles of mascara. Come on, you never know when you have to shine brighter than the Sun itself. Stock up on these and always be prepared for the spotlight.
Clarice Ferguson A.K.A Blink
Blink is SO '90s, don't you think?  The berry pout is totally on trend and the fish-tail braid is what dreams are made of, literally. No complaints about the wonderful Purple hair or the flawless contour.  Take a leaf out of her trend book and buy that berry shade you always wanted to sport!
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