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These Makeup Tips Are All You Need For Your Winter Wedding

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Winter weddings have their own charm. The weather is pleasant, so you do not have to worry about sweating in your outfits or dealing with melting makeup. Naturally, as a bride you feel more comfortable during winter weddings, despite having to sit through long hours of rituals and ceremonies. However, it's no secret that winters often wreak havoc on your skin. Your skin tends to get dry and flaky, ruining your makeup even before the rituals begin. Therefore, to get the desired bridal look, you need to make sure that your skin is winter ready and your makeup is winter-proof. A flawless base and a hydrating skincare routine can help you look like a dream bride. So, if you are getting married in the winter, take notes as we bring to you some amazing tips for winter wedding makeup.

Makeup Tips To Get Flawless Bridal Makeup For A Winter Wedding

1. Hydration Is Key

Hydrated skin allows your makeup to last longer and helps deliver a more flawless base. Update your skincare routine to include lots of hydration and nourishment. Indulge in a nourishing facial massage before you start with your makeup. It will increase your blood circulation, and your skin will look fresh all day. If you have an outdoor wedding, stick to thicker formulations to make sure your skin stays hydrated. Apply a hydrating moisturiser and leave it on for a few minutes to allow it to absorb well in the skin. You can also use a sheet mask to make your skin feel soft and supple. Follow it with an SPF and a hydrating primer that fills your pores and gives you a flawless base for your makeup.

2. Opt For Waterproof Bridal Eye Makeup

Though waterproof eye makeup is a must in all seasons, you need to take special care in winter to prevent your eyes from watering and smudging the makeup. The cold harsh winter winds coupled with all the smoke often irritates our eyes and ruins the makeup. What’s more, the rituals and celebrations will also leave you emotional. Hence picking waterproof products will ensure that your bridal eye makeup stays intact.

3. Let Your Lips Do The Talking

Your lips face the major brunt during winters, and become dry and chapped quickly. To avoid the appearance of parched and dehydrated lips, exfoliate them with a gentle lip scrub and apply a coat of balm before moving on to the lipstick. Opt for a creamy, liquid lipstick that does not make your lips dry.

For winter wedding makeup, dark and bold shades would stand out and complement your bridal look. So, go for bolder shades like burgundy, red or maroon that work well with all Indian skin tones. If you have a fairer, pinkish undertone or picked the traditional red bridal lehenga, go for bright red lipstick as it will uplift the overall makeup look.

4. Opt For A Cream Formula

Your key aim is to prevent flaky and cakey makeup, which is one of the most common makeup problems winter brides have to deal with. To prevent your skin from appearing patchy and dry, opt for liquid or cream-based makeup formulas over matte or powder based products. Cream-based makeup keeps the skin moist and prevents dryness. It is also easier to do last minute touch-ups in cream-based makeup. Opt for a liquid or water-based foundation that matches your skin tone, for a hydrated and dewy finish. Follow it up with a cream-based blush and highlighter to make your skin look luminous and glowing. They are easier to apply and blend and appear more natural on the skin.

Pro Tips

  1. To get a flawless dewy finish on your D-day, make sure you prep your skin months before. Also, indulge in a targeted skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising that is suitable to your skin type.
  2. To sport that inner glow, you need maximum hydration. Add serums rich in hyaluronic acid to restore your skin’s moisture and keep it nourished.
  3. Opt for a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. A nutrient-rich diet would keep you healthy and reflect positively on your skin. Don’t forget to drink an adequate amount of water.
  4. Follow the ‘less is more’route and stick to using minimum products to avoid a cakey or patchy finish.
  5. Always carry an S.O.S. bridal kit that includes tissue papers, lip balm, loose powder, lipstick, Q-tips and makeup remover for last-minute touch-ups.
  6. Minimise the use of matte formulas as they can further dry your skin and make your skin look flaky.

Must-Have Makeup Products For Winter Brides

1 Charmacy Milano Luxe Creme Lipstick - Plum 13

charmacy lipstick

Charmacy Milano Luxe Creme Lipstick - Plum 13

Formulated for Indian skin, this creamy lipstick is perfect for your winter bridal look. Lightweight and long-lasting, it is comfortable to wear and delivers a shiny and smooth finish. It is highly pigmented, super hydrating, and easy to apply and remove. A must-have for your bridal makeup kit, this creamy formula has an intense colour payoff, giving you beautiful, fuller lips in one stroke.

2 Too Faced Born This Way Foundation - Porcelain (Porcelain)

best foundation

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation - Porcelain(Porcelain)

One of the best foundations for dry skin, it delivers medium to full coverage with a naturally flawless finish. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation - Porcelain(Porcelain) is an oil-free formula enriched with hyaluronic acid, and provides long-lasting and skin-balancing hydration for a soft, smooth appearance. It is infused with coconut water that replenishes the skin’s moisture level, and alpine rose that promotes elasticity and brightens the skin's appearance.

3 Nykaa Lash Talk Like it Long Lengthening Mascara

waterproof mascara

Nykaa Lash Talk Like it Long Lengthening Mascara

Grab this waterproof mascara for your winter wedding and let your eyes do the talking. With a gorgeous, rich, jet-black pigment, Nykaa Lash Talk Like it Long Lengthening Mascara covers your eyelashes from roots to tips without weighing them down. Designed with a unique brush to give you a no falsie look, it delivers intense length to your lashes, and accentuates your bridal eye makeup tenfold.

So, shine bright on your D-day and make heads turn with your beautiful smile and flawless makeup with these wedding makeup tips.


1. Which Makeup Is Best For Brides In Winter?

Opt for hydrating makeup products that keep your skin nourished throughout the day. It is best to opt for cream-based makeup products in winters as they will prevent dryness and flakiness in your skin and deliver a luminous finish.

2 What Foundation To Use In winter?

For winter makeup, you must opt for cream, liquid or water-based foundations. These foundations retain moisture better and prevent your skin from getting further dry and flaky in winters.

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