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Makeup tips for girls who wear glasses

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Specs should never cramp your style.
Women who wear glasses often wonder what kind of makeup they should wear. And whether bothering with eye makeup is worth the effort since the glasses don't allow the eye makeup to shine. Here are a few tips on how to highlight your best features using makeup when you wear glasses.
As someone who has worn glasses for over 10 years, I've experimented with different frames and different makeup looks. Here are my top tips for glass wearers–
1. The intensity of your eye makeup depends on the frame of your glasses. If you're wearing a heavy/thick frame, simple liner does the job! I recommend using a brown liner if you are just looking for some definition. If you wear rimless or glasses with a thin frame, you can go a little heavy on the liner and kajal. Women with long lashes may find that using mascara makes their lashes rub against the lenses of the glasses. I'd recommend curling your lashes to give them a lift and using a defining or volumizing mascara instead of a lengthening one to avoid that problem.
Recommended products : Brown : Lakme Absolute Forever Silk Eye liner - shade "Earth line" Black : Maybelline Gel liner
2. Use concealer : If you've worn glasses for long, you might have noticed that wearing glasses regularly can cause the eyes to sink in slightly into the socket. This could further highlight dark circles. Make sure to use a brightening concealer to correct and conceal dark circles to avoid your eye area looking dull and tired. Concealer is the secret to bright, well rested looking eyes!
Recommended products : Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer
3. Reflective eye shadows : Soft neutrals and matte eye shadows may not show on your eyes very well through the glasses. I recommend using pearl finish reflective eye shadows that make an impact and are visible through the glasses. Using a highlighter shade in shades like gold, champagne and pearly beige in the inner corner of the eye will also make the eyes shine!
Recommended products : L'Oreal Infallible eye shadow : Hourglass Beige, Forever Pink Lakme Absolute Illusion eye shadow : Gold Pearl, Peach Pearl
4. Focus on the Lips : A look that works amazingly well on glass wearers is a bold lip with defined eyes. When you want to go dramatic, focus on the lips instead of the eyes. Keep the eye makeup simple – conceal dark circles, use a black/brown liner and defining mascara and keep the focus of the look on a stunning lip color! The options for stunning bold lips are endless! If you are uncomfortable with bold colors, I'd recommend starting out with sheer brights that are more wearable.
Recommended products : Maybelline Color Sensational Pink Alert L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick
5. Fill in your brows : Brows can be the most neglected part of a makeup routine. Groomed, full brows give an instant facelift, frame your face and can take years off you. I'd recommend using a brow pencil or brow powder to fill in the brows and going over with a brow gel or just clear mascara to keep them in place.
Recommended products : Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil
By Ankita Chaturvedi, beauty blogger and author of Corallista.com, a one stop destination for beauty reviews, looks and tutorials.
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