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Malayalam Television Star Priya Varrier Speaks To Nykaa About Onam, Beauty And Her Morning Routine

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Kind, honest, and ridiculously beautiful. Priya Varrier is all that and more. After gaining immense popularity after her iconic wink scene in the 2019 romantic drama Oru Adaar Love, the Malayali actor and model shot to fame and is claimed to be the most-searched-for personality through Google in India at the time. With that said the editorial team at Nykaa got to speak to the young star right in time for Onam—the most celebrated week in Kerala.

Ahead, Varrier reveals her beauty routine, celebrity crush, her biggest inspiration, and more.

Beauty Book: First of all, how are you doing today?

Varrier: I’m good, thank you! Very excited to connect with you all today.

Beauty Book: Us too! So, what is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Varrier: Check my phone. It’s not healthy, I know, but that’s what I do. But right after, I drink a tall glass of water.

Beauty Book: Who is your celebrity crush?

Varrier: Vicky Kaushal.

Beauty Book: Onam is the most celebrated festival in Kerala. How are you planning on celebrating this decorated festival this month?

Varrier: So, this is probably the only time of the year when all my family comes together from all over the country, just to celebrate Onam. Usually, we go to my mom’s place. We enjoy sadhya and pookalam etc., We’ll be there for 3 to 4 days—my relatives, cousins. We cook together and spend time with each other. So, looking forward to that!

Beauty Book: Tell us how you have been preparing your skin for Onam.

Varrier: Sunscreen in the morning and a moisturizer for my face before I go to sleep. And I also drink a glass of vitamin C energy drink every morning.

Beauty Book: What is your go-to beauty look that you're planning for Onam?

Varrier: Every year, I drape on my grandmom’s saree. I carry my own blouse and my grandma gives me a settu mundu (the traditional Kerala saree).

Beauty Book: How are you planning to detox after the Sadhya, because we know how that goes...

Varrier: Giggles. My detox process is sleeping because once you’re full post the Sadhya, all I do is nap for 2 to 3 hours and when I wake up, I feel better.

Beauty Book: Who are your beauty inspirations?

Varrier: A lot of my inspiration comes from my mom. She looks gorgeous naturally, and even though I haven’t been blessed with that kind of beauty, I still look up to her. Wherever I go, people think she’s my sister!

Beauty Book: 3 beauty products you cannot live without?

Varrier: My eyebrow pencil because it highlights my brows and eyes. When I don’t want to use a liner, I use my brow pencil on my lids too. And the other two would be my blush and my lip balm.

Beauty Book: What is that one Instagram beauty trend that you feel everyone should follow?

Varrier: Laughs. I’m honestly the last to know about most trends. But I do love the bushy eyebrow trend. I’ve recently stopped threading my eyebrows to keep it natural.

Beauty Book: If you had to choose 3 pieces of clothing to wear on repeat for the next three months, what would they be?

Varrier: I can give you two. Oversized t-shirts and shorts. On repeat.

Beauty Book: What's your message to all our readers as well as the Nykaa army, who love you and look up to you?

Varrier: Feel beautiful on the inside, and you’ll look beautiful on the outside!

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